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Travel Easier and Better by Learning How NOT to Overpack

Posted by Ongky Darmawansa on

Overpacking causes headache. It can even cost you a lot of money at the airport if you apparently exceeded the weight limit of your stuff. Traveling is a stressful endeavor.

How not to overpack in travel

Don’t make it even more painful for you by bringing stuff you end up not using, or those you actually don’t need. Learning to ease your travel by not overpacking may take time to learn, but I reckon it’s a valuable life skill.

First and foremost, create a packing list!

If you don’t know where to start, there are a lot of packing list out there that you can download and customize according to your very own needs.

Creating a list helps prevent you from forgetting stuff in the last moment. Take a look at your packing list before you go. All you have to do is look at your list to make sure that you’re not forgetting anything.

Coordinate all of your outfits

There are many things to factor such as the weather—but after you have an idea you can work with, start coordinating your travel outfits! Don’t just stuff anything you see in your wardrobe just because you think you will wear them.

Clothes that ended up not worn is usually the biggest culprit in overpacking. This is why it’s important to think of the clothes you’re bringing as a set of a comprehensive look.

Don’t just bring that sweater but you don’t know where or when you’re going to wear it during your travel. You can go the extra mile by planning your outfits throughout your travel. This way, you’ll be ensured that you will not bring outfits that you won’t wear.

Neutrals are the way to go

If you’re already wearing neutrals most of the time, good! Neutral colors go with everything, and you won’t have to worry whether a piece is going to fit well with another. Neutrals are also elegant, timeless color that won’t go out of date.

Start selecting your neutral outfits as early as possible. Packing neutrals is almost a sure way to get all of your outfits match with each other.

Get a smaller bag

How to bring less items? Get a smaller bag! It’s almost an instant way to prevent you from overpacking because it forces you to fit everything you need into that bag. When we have a bigger bag and there’s that extra room, our instinct would tend to say “you can still fit more item”. While in reality, you don’t need to fit in more items into your bag.

It’s a gradual process

Remember that you can’t become a minimalist packer overnight. Packing is intimately related to your very own lifestyle.

If you’re used to bringing a huge bag filled with all sorts of accessories, it may be more difficult to pack lighter whenever you travel. It’s basically a habit. But the most surefire way not to overpack anytime you travel is of course, by changing that very habit. It takes time and it takes effort.

But don’t worry and don’t let yourself get frustrated. The key is to start. And start small. Work your way up to lighter and lighter packing. You’ll get there!


How Important Does The Parachute Hammock In Life?

Posted by Ongky Darmawansa on

Parachute hammock that is made of nylon is now even getting more popular among the travelers, parents with children and many more. It is because of its usage that can’t only being used at the outdoors but also indoor like in your bedroom and even as to complete your house decoration.

For the outdoor usage, many of the resorts are using the rope hammock since it is stronger and more durable. Thicker than the parachute hammock and won’t as hot as the parachute nylon material so people can always using it even under the hot sun if they want.

Thanks to the hammock camping tarp where now you can even more comfortable if you still need to rest in a hot day at the beach. No more too shine and brighter sun blinding your eyes and surely a great item to avoid the rain.

Important of parachute hammock in life

Many have been published that the nylon replaced the silk during the World War II (WW2) when the supply of silk diminished. Yes, it has a long story to tell. Later on, nylon has becomes one of the popular choice eversince. It is good wind resistance material, has a good elasticity, you won’t need to worry about the mildew, and surely as an comparatively cheaper material.

Those are just some benefits when using the nylon and you are possible to get all of those advantages when using the parachute nylon hammock. Ok, I admitted that the price can be vary but I have said that it is comparatively affordable, right?

Parachute hammock which its material is made of the nylon then leads to the lighter weight hammock (lightweight) and contributes in helping you to get dry hammock. Even if yours is wet by the water, it will dries quickly. Some of the people are also claiming it that the hammock will be resistant to abrasion and also the chemicals. I know you may have no ideas about both before, but that’s how the manufacturers are avoiding us from being stupid or out of luck.

Today, you can get a parachute nylon hammock that has more durability even up to 10 years in its usage. A really great investment since you can uses it for years. So that, due to its exceptional nylon strength—it is also used for some important things such as to make straps of the parachute harness, reinforcing the tape, and suspension lines.

The more benefits you will get for sure and I think it will keep on adding some extra positive things in the years to come.

Now, if you think about what I have just spoken on above, they are simple as how good and important the parachute nylon is and a bit about its relation with the hammock since it is the main material for that. Let’s see what else the hammock can do for you especially in its relation to the world of traveling. This should be more interesting to know, shouldn’t it?

I have seen and read that the parachute hammock is usually used in camping activity or something relates to it. When people are hiking the mountain, many of them will bring the hammock. So with the people who are visiting the beach. The reasons for that are because bringing it will save more space in the backpack and it can be considered as not heave at all. It won’t as lighter as the cotton or the fur, but surely it can’t be as heavier as the tent.

You can even makes the hammock as your bed alternative if you want even though many people are usually won’t agree with that. But the thing is, it is possible and I have even read about the admission of someone that have been sleeping in a hammock for years. It really is a good news knowing that maybe we should never worried about our health condition if we want to sleep in it.

Moreover, many have also found their self sleeping quicker when just laying down in a parachute hammock for couple of minutes. If you have kind of Insomnia, you can try to deal with that in a hammock without any medicine.

Those are some of the importance of a parachute nylon hammock in this life. I have not been covered all the advantages we could get so keep on waiting for the updates in days to come.