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Bali Official Airport Taxi: Why is Their Rep So Bad?

Posted by Ongky Darmawansa on

For a famous destination that sees close to 10 million visitors annually, Bali doesn’t seem to care about investing on a reliable and affordable transportation for their visitors. There have been various stories of nightmare experienced by tourists visiting Bali. The most common one? Rip-offs. A lot of people had recommended taking taxi outside of the airport. Some people had even dubbed the Bali airport taxi as “taxi mafia”. Wow. Is it really that bad? Let’s take a look at some of the most glaring flaws of the ‘official’ transportation of one of Indonesia’s biggest airports.

Bali Official Airport Taxi: Why is Their Rep So Bad?

Feels like a downright rip-off

So much for being an “official” taxi. The Ngurah Rai Bali airport taxis are arguably the most expensive option that you can get inside the airport area. Their fares are fixed. Which is the case of most of Bali’s transportation rates. The Bali airport official taxi is a monopoly. They’re the only taxi allowed to operate and get passengers from the airport.

The taxi is already the most expensive option, no? Regardless, prices can go up without notice. So the information on price you found before you board to Bali can be different. High seasons and low seasons are often what determines the changes in prices.

Touts everywhere

Right after you step foot outside of the building, you’re going to be approached by an untold number of people who will harass—I mean, who would offer you their services. They can range from an apathetic call of “Miss” or “Mister”, to a very enthusiastic and a very persistent “Taxi taxi, where do you want to go? Kuta?” As they follow you around until you brush them off or until they see another prey. They’re extremely annoying. If not downright intrusive. And many people have voiced that it does feel like being harassed. They would be even more intrusive and persistent if you’re a woman. Quite unsurprisingly.

If these taxis are “official” why do they still do this? Isn’t being official meant the service provider should establish a system and facilities so that passengers can board in a much more organized manner? Where is the value for those who chose to board the so-called “official taxis” with the rates double and even triple those of other options?

It’s the most expensive option

Prices are very expensive unless you’re going to a very faraway place like Ubud or Uluwatu straight from the airport. The fare to the aforementioned area is 300,000 IDR. However, the price difference is often not much with the metered taxi such as Blue Bird. Meanwhile, other options can go as low as 2,500 IDR (public bus). Why would anyone in their right mind should chose the most expensive option available?

Then what can you do?

If you dislike the idea of being ripped-off just as much as every other person, do some research regarding the alternatives to the Bali airport official taxi. There are plenty of solid options that you can try out. Pick one that works best for you. There are public bus known as Sarbagita, online taxis, among other choices.


Travel & Leisure

How to Life the Best Komodo Liveaboard Experience in Komodo

Posted by Ongky Darmawansa on

The Komodo National Park steadily rise into fame thanks to numerous gorgeous attractions spreads on its colony of islands and world class dive sites in betweens. Given the landscape, an adventure to Komodo is nearly impossible without the participation of many liveaboard boats that’s been busy going back and forth around the national park, taking tourists from all paths to explore Komodo’s stunning beauty.

Labuan Bajo have large variance in definition of liveaboard and it’s easy to distinguish the humble backpacker type, the middle comfort, and the posh one. Many proclaim themselves as the best Komodo liveaboard around—and they have a full right for that! The best liveaboard around Komodo usually represent something more like a floating resort rather than s simple boat to sleep in. While facilites do help, in the end your liveaboard experience is determined by what you’ve done in the excursion.

How to Life the Best Komodo Liveaboard Experience in Komodo

Things To Do for Best Komodo Liveaboard Experience

Wake Up Early!

Morning in Komodo National Park is awesome, even when you just watch it from the boat. From the vast darkness, the sun slowly rise and reveal mountainous silhouette, before everything gets completely washed by the golden light. It feels wonderful to bask in the tranquil, quiet morning before the world get busy. In a land as wonderful as Komodo, it’s such a waste of time to get up late and missing out a lot of time!

Don’t Bring Too Much Luggage

Even though you are booking mid to high level liveaboard Komodo, don’t think that your cabin will be the size of resort’s Master bedroom. The cabins, while it might charmingly decorated with coordinated theme, is really just a room to sleep and storing our personal stuff. So keep your luggage small, simple, and don’t clutter—especially when you are paired up with a cabin mate.

Make Friends

Unless you are booking the boat for yourself, you are destined to spend the whole Komodo excursion with other adventure seekers in the boat. So prepare some conversation starters and make friends on board. A happy and successful bond on the boat will make a best Komodo liveaboard experience that you won’t forget!

Replace Gadgets with Books

It’s time to unwind. So leave your gadgets and dwell in a good book for a quality me-time in the liveaboard. Beside, you won’t get much signals there on the open sea anyway!

Bring on Seasickness Medicine

Seasickness is a serious party pooper. You don’t know when it will attack, you don’t even think you’ll get seasick but it comes anyway. And once you feel the familiar nausea, nothing on board feel fun anymore. All you can think is your squishy bed at home, ruling up with blanket and sleep the seasickness.

That’s why it’s really important to bring seasickness medicine—especially the one that you know will work. You might not return to Labuan Bajo in a short time, so ward off the seasickness and soak up in the gorgeous landscape while you can.

Bring the Best Camera You Can Have

Drone and underwater camera will do a good job in Komodo. The national park is blessed with extraordinary terrestrial beauty that will look spectacular in drone as well as astonishing marine life that’s so rich in diversity and looks like a wonderland altogether. Some travellers even travels to Komodo for the sake of the surreal landscape, so if it’s a deal breaker to you, make sure you bring your best camera along. Leaving with great stock of awe-inspiring photos in your storage surely will make a best Komodo liveaboard experience, after all!

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Alternatives to Ngurah Rai Airport So-Called Official Taxi

Posted by Ongky Darmawansa on

Tired of being ripped off by the Ngurah Rai airport official taxi or you’re simply spooked of the bad stories people have had with them? The bad rep came from the poor organization and lack of attention from the taxi operators and in extension, the government in general.

A lot of people have avoided them. So these are some of the most common and practical options that you can try as alternatives to the so-called official airport taxi.

Install the local transport apps before you board

Ideally, you should have the transport app before you arrive in Bali, especially if you don’t want to navigate the hassle of installing and figuring out the app navigation inside the airport.

But if you can’t then, install the transport apps once you’ve arrived. Two of the most popular options are the Gojek app and Grab app. Gojek is a native app from Indonesia while Grab is that of Southeast Asia. So it’s clear which one is more popular. But the two options are generally good and prices don’t differ much.

Sarbagita Public Bus

The name Sarbagita stands for Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar and Tabanan, the major areas served by the public bus.

Sarbagita public bus is by far the cheapest option among the others. Adults only pay 2,500 per person. Sarbagita drops off at certain bus stops and is also the most limited.

Sarbagita bus as one of the alternatives to Ngurah Rai airport

But it’s a great option if you have enough time and would love to go sightseeing the city through the bus windows.

Tip: take the Sarbagita bus at least once after you’ve dropped off your belongings at your hotel. It’s an authentic experience as you’ll board with a lot of locals around you. Students going and coming back from school, a group of women who sell at the traditional markets along with their children, and many more.

Go to the departure gate and catch a Blue Bird

The most famous Indonesian taxi, Blue Bird, is not allowed to get passengers from the airport because of Ngurah Rai Taxi monopoly. But they’re still allowed to drop-off passengers.

People would go to the departure hall and waited until someone has gotten out and paid before hurriedly going to the metered taxi. Dozens of people do this everyday. Often time,s the BlueBird drivers would tell you get in quickly. They are not supposed to take passengers here.

But it’s common practice because the Ngurah Rai taxi fares and poor services are simply absurd.

Motorcycle taxi

If you’re not bringing big, heavy suitcases or other oversized items, make use of the aforementioned transport app to get you to places using motorcycle.

Both Gojek and Grab offered this option, with Gojek being the more popular one. Motorcycle taxi is referred to as “Ojek” in Indonesia, that’s where Gojek got its name. You can often find these motorcycle taxi drivers around in wait just outside of the airport.

You can find them the easiest by going to the area heading to the public motorcycle parking area. Although it would be crowded, bringing only a carry-on the Gojek drivers usually would not mind.

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Bali Web Design Services To Start Your Successful Online Business

Posted by Ongky Darmawansa on

How many times have you read about putting your business on internet is really important? You can choose to make the marketplace accounts with all the limitations you get or you can decide to make its own site where all the access and barely no limitations at all. It is about to build the business website where its design is also takes the important roles, so that, you will need to read further about this Bali web design services.

Bali web design services are easy to find. I have been using the search engine like Google for that and saw some of the quality agencies. While I was searching, some advertisements are also appeared that were offering the related various services.

Some services that are related to the Bali web design will served you to make a relatively beautiful clean site designs that many corporate sites are used. The online shop designs are also pretty much dominated the services to get the useful and easy to navigate online store when visitors are using it.

I am also sure that the accommodations and the other travel related businesses are even more competing online now to get more customers and Bali is truly the great island for that.

How is it possible for your business to get the Bali web design services?

There may website design services in every countries in this world and in Bali itself, it may have been provided countless number of services. But, why your business still needs the Bali web design services than the others?

Popular Bali web design services to start your successful online business

It shouldn’t always caused by your business itself is located at the same island. Even if you have ran your products or services in the other cities or even countries, you may need to considering to build your new business site through Bali web design. And if you have built one, in case you needs to change the way it’s looks or redesigns it, then it can be accepted as well.

You have known that many people are doing businesses in Bali. The island itself feels like it no longer just for the Indonesian people but the foreigners seem to taking over it as well since business licensing is quite easy. Many people around the world are not only visiting Bali to enjoy the beauty of nature and cultures, but in the same time, they are also selling their products and services.

One among the reasons for that is it is a place where the international or global market had been built since long. The travellers and also foreigners that have been living in Bali for years are the live witnesses for that. Another reason that I think it will also be accepted is that many Bali web design services are also targeting the foreigners. Thank’s to the currency change where your Dollars now are even more valuable so you will get the professional website design services in more affordable prices.

There are some of the popular Bali web design agencies such as Kesato & Co, Lumonata, Fleava, etc. You can pick one and finds it online and get in touch with the team as soon as possible. If you are asking me which one to try, then you can visit Kesato as one of the popular digital agency in Bali.

I haven’t got an experience from the other agencies but the one that I have recommended will worth your visit and also I have seen some of their projects where they were truly worth your budget.

Dealing with the design for your website is important so the visitors who are visiting your site will not only see it as something that mind-blowing or even beautiful, but also to navigate them in ease so there won’t be any unnecessary troublesome. Good web design will get more conversion, visitors and more advantages than the otherwise. And if you can’t do it yourself since it surely will take your most valuable times, simply talk to the Bali web design service providers you have in mind.