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Hybrid Delicacies You Should Try When Travelling

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If you are food enthusiast, you must have been familiar with fusion foods or some people also call it hybrid delicacy. There are many fusion foods around the world which are both tempting and intriguing. When you travel to new places around the world, the chance to find those fusion foods is high. Instead of chicken out, you might as well try and who know maybe one of them can be your favorite food ever. Of course, there are also weird fusion foods that you might regret ever put them in your mouth. However, that is the art of fusion food. You cannot always rely on somebody else’s review. You need to try them yourself then decide if it suits to your taste.

Worth trying- hybrid delicacies when travelling

There are many kind of fusion foods in the world you can find where the already famous foods being combined with another famous one. Then they become delicious hybrid delicacies such as the following:

Mac and Cheese Waffles

Mac and Cheese Waffles is not that extreme. It is the best fusion food since it combines great food for breakfast as well as lunch. You can try this fusion food at Brooklyn’s Arrogant Swine Restaurant. The macaroni is gooey and the cheese is not disappointing at all. Put them together in waffle press then voila. Crunchy waffle mac n’ cheese is hybrid food you can enjoy for brunch. It is best served along with a cup of coffee.

Poutine Pizza

Poutine Pizza is also recommended to try when you visit Canada. It tops a regular cheese pizza with French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Well, this hybrid pizza is not only yummy but also less in calories. It has 690 calories less than regular pizza. Thus, you can eat this fusion food for lunch or dinner during your visit to Canada without guilt. Enjoy it with your friends to add the joy.

Sushi pizza

Another fusion pizza is served at Itadaki Boston named sushi pizza. You can imagine how sushi combined with pizza. Some people may fail to imagine it since they are two very different foods. However, you might also remember that pizza can be topped with almost everything and it includes sushi. The chef uses a fried rice cake as the crust. It is topped with cheese, tomato sauce, and variety of fish.

Ramen burger

Ramen burger is next food you should try when you visit Tatsu Ramen in California. You may think it is bizarre to combine burger with ramen. The main part of ramen in this fusion however is not the broth but the noodles. This burger is filled with thick patty topped with soft-coiled egg and green onion. It is served between two ramen noodles buns.

Ice Cream Trdelnik

Ice Cream Trdelnik is hybrid delicacy consisted of ice cream and Trdelnik, a traditional Czech cinnamon-flavored pastry. Then, ice cream Trdelnik is food where you can enjoy in Trdelnik instead of regular cone since they have basically similar shape. You can find this fusion food in Prague specifically at Good Food Cafe & Bakery.


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Safe & Adventurous Komodo Boat Trip with Young Kids

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Children loves exploration, and Komodo National Park is basically a land full of strange things waiting to be discovered. For most young children, Komodo boat trip can be a very exciting trip to fulfil their curiosity of the world. The trip to Komodo is usually done by embarking on liveaboard boats for several days, and it can be a very exciting experience for the kids. They gonna life by the sea, sleeping in cabins, having breakfast on boat decks, and exploring a handful of uninhaboted islands. It gets even better if your kids are school age who have develop adequate swimming abilities. They can swim and snorkel in Komodo’s most vibrant diving spot and see marine life from close proximity.

Safe & Adventurous Komodo Boat Trip with Young Kids

Exploring the Komodo, your little kiddos will also get great opportunity to examine rare wildlife that previously can only be seen on screen. Seeing the last and extremely dangerous living dragons, giants flying foxes, dolphins (if you are lucky!) to wild deer and buffalos who lives freely on the park. Komodo boat trip is not just a vacation—it gives more than what schoolbooks could. Here are what the trip could help children upbringing.


Help Them Pack Their Own Things

Komodo boat trip is great to teach kids a sense of responsibility. Packing for a holiday is a life skill set that will be very useful when they grow up.

Prior to departure, help kids enlist everything they need to bring for the trip. Kids will learn how to prioritise important things and eliminate the necessary. Tell them to only bring 2 – 3 toys and make sure they pack their own snorkel gear, toiletries, clothes, and swimsuits.

When your kids had done packing, it’s time to tidy up the rest. As messy as it would be, you need to make sure that their bags is filled with at least:

  • a sneaker (for trekking) and rubber shoes or sandals
  • two set of outfits per day
  • two dressier clothes for special occasions
  • personal medicine
  • raincoat and kid-sized lifeguards jacket

Encourage Struggle and Tenacity to These Young Souls

Komodo is by no means an easy and luxurious trip—even when you choose to stay at luxurious, private liveaboard. Given the rough, long, and sandy terrain, Komodo has prove itself as a challenging adventure—even for adult. The trip, for example, require a long walks around the park to see the dragons. You also need to trek a little to catch the panoramic landscape on Padar, Gili Lawa, and Kelor Island. Encourage your little one on the hard work. Tell them that their struggle and tenacity will be rewarded by Komodo’s stunning nature.

Encourage Kids to Always Ask for Parent’s Permission—for Literally Everything

Though you have give your best guards to keep the children safe on Komodo boat trip, there will always be time when your eyes are off for a second and your child is close to something dangerous. To minimise the risk, teach the kids to always ask for parents’ permission before doing anything, especially during the exploration. For example,

“Daddy, can I see the sea from the deck’s fence?”

“Can I help Uncle Tom fixing his dive gear?

“Can I eat the candy Tina gave me?”

“Can I look closer at the dragon?”

This way, kids are giving cues about what on their mind and you can prepare better guidance for their young minds. Teaching children to ask permission to parents will also minimise chance of unwanted accidents.

Have fun exploring the Komodo National Park with your young explorer!

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Accessories You Need for Winter Travel

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Travelling in winter can be both exciting and exhausting. It is exciting because you can see many attractions with different vibe due to the snow and all winter perks. However, it can also be exhausting because the temperature is killing you. If you are not armed with proper clothes and accessories, you’ll be freezing out while trying to enjoy your trip. Therefore, you need to be more prepared when travelling in winter because the weather is not too friendly. In this weather, it is easier for you to get sick as well. Thus, make sure you have everything handled before leaving your home.

Accessories for winter travel you will need

When you decide to take vacation during winter, it means you need special clothes for harsher climate. You should be prepared for slippery roads, harsh weather, as well as piled up snow. It is important for you to wear thick clothes such as jacket, underneath shirt, turtle-neck, sweater, and stuffs. Besides, there are also accessories you will need for winter travel such as:

  • Scarf is a must when it comes to travelling to chilly places especially during winter. It is like you can’t survive the trip if you don’t wear it. This accessory is useful as well as stylish. Thus, you can still look fashionable even when you are bundled up with thick clothes and scarf. It is definitely essential you always need for winter travel. You don’t have to pack many of them. Just bring one or two that will match with any clothes you are going to wear during your trip.
  • Ear muffs may sound old school and such. However, they are very useful. They can keep you warm as well help you reduce unwanted noise. They can help you sleep better during your flight. You can pack a pair of them and put them in the bag when you don’t really need them. However, you can always wear them anytime you need.
  • Gloves are also essentials you really need for winter travel. There are various gloves you can pack for winter travel. You can choose full-covered gloves or the fingerless one. Or, you can also choose both. They are fashionable accessories you need during chilly weather. You don’t even need to take them off to take photograph. Choose gloves with fun pattern to make you look still presentable. You need to choose gloves with the right materials so that your hands stay comfortable.
  • Cozy wool socks are what you need for winter travel. Never leave your hotel room without wearing them or your feet will be freezing. With a pair of wool socks, you will feel comfortable to walk around your travel destination without feeling numb. You can pack several pair of socks for your trip because you will need different pair for exploring and sleeping. Choose socks with fun pattern for sleeping and neutral one for going out. Wearing socks won’t make you less fashionable if you can match them with your outfit perfectly.
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Seminyak Bars, A Good Place To Enjoy The Night of Bali

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What are tourists looking for to enjoy a night in Bali? Nightlife? Of course! Bali is not only popular with its traditions, culture, and hospitality but also amazing nightlife. The booming music and lucrative promos took visitors away in the night atmosphere in Bali. Seminyak bar is one of the destinations for tourists to enjoy the Balinese atmosphere at night. No matter whether you are a lover of nightlife or not, visiting Seminyak bar is a must.

Seminyak Bars

Seminyak Bars, Soul of Bali At Night

Seminyak bars are very popular with tourists. Rows of bars in Seminyak Bali make a lot of choices looking for the right spot to hang out. A collection of tourists from Australia can be seen gathering in one of their favorite Seminyak bars. The series of main menus and snacks from international chefs can spoil your appetite.

Best bars in Bali An architecturally interesting Seminyak brings your night so hot plus music calling and a bottle of a cold Bintang. The night atmosphere in Bali is very much awaited by many people, whether you are tourists or expats who work. Dance of Seminyak bars is one reason why this area is so popular and favorite for most people. The ease of access to enjoy the night atmosphere makes the Seminyak area’s accommodation very valuable.

There is no limit to looking for nighttime fun in Bali, but there are definitely tourist favorite Seminyak bars as a recommendation. Enjoying the sunset in Bali is very much awaited by the tourists. The beauty of the sunset feels different from other tourist destinations. There are many rows of Seminyak bars to enjoy the best sunset views. Beach A number of bars are the target of tourists.

Achieving dreams of approaching the sky and seeing the best sunset is no longer a dream. Rooftop Seminyak bars make you feel close to reaching the blue ceiling. This type of bar is very appropriate and perfect for enjoying and relaxing. Some of the best bars in Bali Seminyak give a different feel at all times. When noon arrives, you can enjoy a delicious lunch, and before the best sunset is ready for everyone to enjoy.

Even many people are willing to queue to get the best bar in Seminyak, whether it’s beachfront or rooftop Seminyak bars. As one of the best areas, Seminyak is always a favorite, because it is not only the best bar but also you can enjoy surfing on the beach with challenging waves. Paradise atmosphere, tranquility, comfort will be felt every time you do various holiday activities. Holidays do not need to be full of luxury. Enjoy the time while on the best vacation, especially with a row of luxurious facilities to pamper you. Try to find one of the outdoor Seminyak bars, such as Sea Vu Play. 

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Free Hotel Amenities You Can Enjoy During Your Trip

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Travelling means you need thorough packing, preparation, and all. It is often that you even pack unnecessary items in your suitcase thinking that you may need them later at your destination. Well, it is true that you need to pack thoroughly but the most important is to pack savvy. You need to know what to bring and not. Make sure you only need something that you will need not you may need. This way you won’t have to deal with bulging suitcase or backpack. Besides, you can also rely on free amenities the hotel provides during your stay.

Hotel amenities you can make the most of for free

No matter how meticulous you are with your packing and travel preparation, it is common to forget a thing or two. However, you don’t need to fret about it. There are always hotel amenities you can make the most of. Besides, you pay during your stay so you deserve to enjoy every service and amenities the hotel provides anyway. Here are free hotel amenities you can enjoy to the fullest during your stay at your travel destination:

  • When you decide to stay at hotel during your trip to your travel destination, you don’t need to pack too many toiletries. The bathroom of your hotel room has already had everything you need with standard grooming products such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, mouthwash, floss, etc. Some hotels also provide deodorant, nail kit, sunscreen, etc. Thus, you can use them during your stay at your hotel room since they are there for free. You can also visit hotel spas where they usually offer free samples of high-end skin care products.
  • When you need a ride to have dinner at the restaurant or visit a museum, you can use hotel’s house car. You can also go around the town for free using hotel’s car. However, most hotels set fir-come-first-serve-rule for this kind of amenity. Thus, you may always get it when you need to hitch a ride using your hotel’s free service. However, it’s worth to try. Some hotels nowadays also lend their guests bikes with no charge.
  • Most hotels provide happy hour such as providing free alcoholic beverages every evening in the lobby. Some hotels also offer free cocktails, beer, or wine during happy hour like this. Thu, you can go to happy hour like this and enjoy your drinks for free. To avoid you from misunderstanding, you can always ask your hotel’s concierge staffs about it first.
  • Travelling doesn’t mean you have to abandon your workout regime. You can stay fit during your trip by using workout gear your hotel provided for guests. Most hotels are available to lend workout gears such as yoga mats, clothing, or shoes. You can also join fitness program in your hotel’s fitness room. They usually provide free drinks and snacks as well. To make sure if your hotel provide these amenities for free, you can check your hotel’s website before booking or call the front desk directly when check in.
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3 Ways To Get Benefit Of Bali Real Estate For Sale Cheap

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It is undeniable that Indonesia’s biggest contribution is from world tourism destinations, Bali. A number of famous tourist attractions such as Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud, and others have their own charm. Ubud is known as the center of Bali’s arts and culture. Besakih Temple, as a sacred Hindu temple that is popular in the area of Karang Asem. The tourism sector in Bali has greatly avoided the property business. The high interest of investors makes a lot of property buying and selling activities that are certainly very profitable. Real estate is one of the factors that dominate and boosts Bali’s economy every year.

Bali Real Estate For Sale Cheap

People are getting easier to get Bali real estate for cheap sale. Even investment is not only limited to large scale. Many individuals are trying to find fortune investing by finding Bali real estate for cheap sale. Ever imagined driving your own profit? You can do it in Bali! How much profit do you want after getting Bali real estate for sale cheap?

This brings the impact of competition for property agents in Bali which is, in fact, higher than other cities in Indonesia, even more than Jakarta. If the agent in Jakarta only gets a fee of only 3%, in Bali, the agent can get a fee of 5%. Even foreigners from Australia became brokers. Bali is not only a tourism location but as a place to run a business wheel.

3 benefits if you get Bali real estate for sale cheap. Is it a quick profit or profit in a certain period of time. You no longer have to worry about your real estate mortgage payments.

Buy Bali Real Estate For Sale Cheap, Short Term Rent

When thinking smart, tourists are saturated with higher hotel prices, especially during the holiday season. Not to mention the struggle to find accommodation long before the holidays arrive. It could be that you don’t get holiday comfort and satisfaction, but more stress. Deciding to buy Bali real estate for sale cheap offers you have additional income every month. Real estate in the form of a villa is the right one. The villa brings many advantages for both parties, whether it’s the owner or the tenant. When tenants get luxury accommodations, complete facilities and affordable prices, the real estate owner will receive the rent.

Bali Real Estate For Sale Cheap, Long Term Rental

One of the other best ways to reap more profits after receiving Bali real estate for cheap sale is to rent it out in the long run. Long-term rental market targets are foreigners who work, foreign retirees who want to stay calm, or business people who live in Bali. Maybe if calculated, income is not as big as short-term rentals but you get cash directly in a certain period of time.

Buy And Sell

This is a short way to take advantage of the real estate you have. Property in Bali is not much influenced by political temperatures or anything else. This benefits investors, who no longer worry about falling real estate prices. When property demand increases, you can think of reselling it for extraordinary profits.

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Most Recommended Travel Destinations in South Korea for Winter

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South Korea is one of the most visited travel destinations in Asia. The popularity of K-pop has attracted tourists from all over the world. Most of them are curious to know more about the culture. South Korea is kind of intriguing to say the least. The mix of natural beauty and modern vibe blends together creating interesting appeal. When you look at the main town such as Seoul, you will see high buildings towering most of the view. However, there are also parts in the country which remains to its original culture. In more rural areas, you will find more preserved and prominent cultures. Amongst all season, winter is one of the most desired times to visit by most travelers.

Best places to go in South Korea during winter

Travelling during winter might not be the most ideal time. However, travelling to Korea in winter is more exciting because there are many beautiful spots that will look even more beautiful. Dramatic effects of winter make these places are more intriguing and make visitor more eager to enjoy. Here are best places to visit during winter in South Korea:

  • Nami Island is a great place for winter getaway with your lovers or friends. It has reputation for being one of the most romantic places in South Korea especially during winter. This place reaches its beauty during winter so people are more interesting to visit. The island is filled with ancient redwood trees creating pretty ice cones. Near the island, you can take shuttle bus to visit a French cultural village called La Petite France. The island is open from 7.30 am to 9.40 pm.
  • Bukhansan National Park is mostly visited during winter. This can be a great destination since you can do some physical activities to stay warm during winter. You can hike to one of the three peaks in this national park. It usually takes 7-8 hours to reach the peak. It may sound exhausting but it is worth it one you see the stunning views. You will see a landscape of the city as well as the blood red forest. They are blanketed by the snow which makes the view even more dramatically beautiful.
  • Taebaek is another place to go during your visit to South Korea especially in winter. Practically, it is Taebaeksan Snow Festival you are going to visit. There are many things to enjoy during festival such as snow sculpture exhibitions, dog sleds, snow rafting, as well as visiting igloo cafe where you can enjoy warm beverages. This festival is lovely that you shouldn’t miss.
  • Camellia Hill offers another breathtaking beauty of South Korea. You may have intrigued by blooming cherry trees in Japan. Well, there is also one in South Korea. However, it is more special since it happens during winter when the temperature is harsh. Camellia hill stand on the 20 hectare ground host to 6000 Camellia trees along with wildflowers. While exploring the flower garden, you will find fond lily pond and flowery walkway.
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What To Know About Best Scuba Diving in Bali?

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If you are exploring the best diving spots in Indonesia, there will be a lot of dive sites. Bali is one of the popular destinations, not only in Indonesia but also the world. Talking about Bali will not be bored. What makes people feel at home scuba diving in Bali and back again for diving holidays? Vacation water sports in open spaces must be one of the best experiences.

best scuba diving in bali

Best scuba diving in Bali really makes you discover new planets that you have never known before. Every dive in a different place becomes a different experience when you witness the diversity and wealth under the sea. Witnessing various types of rare and small fish, coral reefs, shipwrecks, creating awareness of divers to preserve underwater.

Can the best scuba diving in Bali provide the best experience for you? Stinging diving is easy. What do you need to know about the best scuba diving in Bali? There are 3 important things that you must pay attention to.

Learn The Skill To Getting Best Scuba Diving In Bali

Diving skills are the main thing. Without the introduction of good skills, diving is very dangerous. If you have never dived at all take a scuba diving package. You not only learn basic diving skills but are also directly certified as divers. With a certificate of beginner divers, it will be easy to explore diving spots. Of course, not all the best scuba diving spots in Bali can be explored. As a beginner, you can only dive with a depth of no more than 20 meters. The best diving experience is at a depth of more than 20 meters. This means you have to learn more skills to squeeze in more depth than that.

Search The Best Dive Center

The list of dive centers in Bali certainly makes you confused about having the best. When observed at a glance, they only dive operators with handover packages for beginners to professionals. Choose training that suits your level. This is the best scuba diving in Bali where you can get an exciting experience exploring the best diving spots in Bali as well as being certified as diving.

Dune Atlantis is one of the dive operators in Bali who will guide your dives with professional instructors. At least there are many professional divers who discover the underwater wonders of Bali through Dune Atlantis. When looking at previous divers’ reviews, this is a dive operator that you can take for underwater exploration.

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Favorite KitKat Flavors You Should Bring Home from Your Japan Trip

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Virtually any tourists who come to Japan are looking for this popular chocolate bar! Japanese KitKats are extremely popular with the masses because of its innovative invention of unique chocolate flavors. It’s not an exaggeration to say that KitKat has the biggest quantity of flavors in the world. There are literally hundreds of them. There are also limited regional flavors that can only be found in certain regions of Japan. What are some of the memorable ones you should bring home from your next Japan trip?

Favorite KitKat Flavors You Should Bring Home from Your Japan Trip

KitKat Sake Flavor

The Japanese sake flavor released in June 2016 actually has alcohol in them! These delicious pieces of chocolate bars have alcohol content of approximately 0.8%, presented in white chocolate. It’s said that there is an aftertaste of Japanese traditional alcoholic beverage (Sake).

While the alcohol content is much less compared to the average beer, Nestle Japan spokesperson still advised that children and lightweight drinkers should avoid the chocolate bar! Now that does spike some curiosity


Hojicha Flavor (Roasted Green Tea)

A part of the “region specialty” edition, this KitKat is only sold in Kansai. Ths limited edition KitKat is flavored Uji Hojicha, which is roasted green tea. As suggested by the packaging, the roasted green tea is not “green” colored anymore. The method of roasting is special among other Japanese green tea in which it is roasted over charcoal within a porcelain pot. It’s an elegant flavor perfect to be given as a travel souvenir for anyone; your friends, your boss, your family; you name it.


Wasabi Flavor

Who wants to eat horseradish with their chocolates? Well, that apparently does not stop Nestle from creating this unique, unorthodox flavor. Horseradish or wasabi has been enjoyed in Japan as a company with sushi, sashimi, and a number of other Japanese dishes. If you love your sushi with wasabi, you may enjoy this unique-flavored kitkat. While it may not make you tear up like a genuine wasabi do, the flavor do have a shock-factor to it, minus the heat. It’s definitely worth a try and is a souvenir-worthy item from your travel.


Rum Raisin Flavor

The scent of KitKat rum raisin flavor is very fragrant! And this is another KitKat flavor that has an alcohol content in them. This blend of rum raisin and chocolate has a 0,056% alcohol in them. This product is apparently a regional special as well, advertised as Tokyo limited edition flavor. The product can be found in the Kanto region. The rum and raisin flavor is presented in bars of white chocolate. It’s a sophisticated flavor to represent the taste of Japan’s capital.


Momiji Manju Flavor

Japanese KitKat based on one of Japan’s traditional confectioneries! Momiji manju is a Japanese traditional rice cake and buckwheat filled with “adzuki” (read bean paste). The shape of momiji manju cake itself is that of a maple leaf. “Momiji” is Japanese for maple. This traditional cake is known as Hiroshima prefecture specialty, which is why it’s Hiroshima’s region-specialty product. The flavor of red bean paste can be tasted in the crispy kitkat wafers, while the manju cake dough can be tasted through the white chocolate bars. Yum!


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Komodo Sailing Trip Destination for Wilder Adventure!

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The land of dragon is real and it’s not even a film set from Game of Thrones. The real life dragons has no wings, but its region promises a raw and fulfilling adventure that won’t be found at anywhere else. Travelers of previous decade were mainly make their trip to see the majestic dragon with their own eyes, but ended up discovering many other natural wonders hidden between the deserted islands. Today, the UNESCO protected Komodo National Park offers great experience that will make the most adventurous souls leap with joy. Here, we have gathered best places to visit for rare fauna exploration on a Komodo sailing trip.


Komodo Sailing Trip Destination for Wilder Adventure!

Komodo Dragons in Komodo Island

Of course, our main star of the frontier wildlife. The rare Komodo dragons and the last of their kind, giant monitor lizard from prehistoric Australia. Somehow, during the evolution process, they end up migrating to the latter known Lesser Sunda Islands chains. They found a greatly comfortable place and now refuse to migrate to other part of the region—even though they are perfectly capable to do so. We know their modern home as the Komodo Island and Rinca, officially the only sanctuary of the last dragon on earth. And mind you, even though they receive a great care from park rangers and abundant supply of fresh meats, these beasts are still as wild as ever. Never expect them to be docile—despite how lazy and chill they are under the sun—or worse, pet them, if you still want to come back from the Komodo sailing trip alive. 

More Komodo Dragons in Rinca Island… and Birds

Some people never have enough. And it’s perfectly fine to not have enough of the dragons. You can only meet them in this specific part of the world, anyways! For those who wants more dragons, head to Rinca—especially if you excited to observe the minor difference. Dragons of Rinca is slightly smaller, with more triangle-shaped head. The island is also a great place to see water buffalos, Timor deers, and exotic birds.

The Bad Big Bats in Kalong Island

If you always associate sunset with romantic vibes, wait until you dock near Kalong (literally big bats) Island. Your captain will anchored the boat a few miles near the “island” while the sky is turning into crimson red. Wait in the deck and see. The sunset here will take you into a very Nat Geo-ish experience, Wild channel. One or two bats will take their departure from the island as the sun down, and soon the sky is full of thousands flying foxes, screeching and flying in continuous stream for what seems to be forever. it’s one of those magical moment when you’ll truly appreciate nature’s wildest show. A sunset watch with the bats is a perfect closure for the Komodo sailing trip of the day—just be careful to not get bats’ poo in your head.

The Cutest Pygmy Seahorses in Batu Bolong

Pigmy seahorses is one of the rarest ocean dwellers that can only be found in few part of the world. These tiny, cute animal lives among gorgonian sea fans for their whole live, adopting the coral’s structure and camouflage seamlessly with the branch. In Komodo, they are found Batu Bolong and Crystal Rock dive site, residing in the depth of 16 – 40m. Spotting them is virtually impossible—they can just look like an appendage of the sea fan! But when you do see them, you gonna have a hard time to believe in what you’re really looking at.

Majestic Mantas in Manta Point/ Manta Alley

Ah, no adventure in Komodo is complete without seeing the Manta Rays. These gentle giants of the sea is the ocean star that just as famous as the dragons. Manta Points and Manta Alley is always on Komodo sailing trip itinerary to see the manta. The sight of them gliding gracefully amidst the blue world will always feel otherworldly.

Playful Dolphin in Komodo Waters

No matter how many times you’ve seen dolphins, this cheerful creature will never fail to make you go “Oooh” and “Aaaah” with their jump, dives, and playful antics. Luckily, the unpolluted and deep-water channels of Komodo waters serves as a great spot to meet them. The bottlenose and spinner dolphins are the residents of Komodo waters for all the year-round. They are fairly easy to spot almost anywhere in Komodo region without a specific sighting spot.