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Alternatives to Ngurah Rai Airport So-Called Official Taxi

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Tired of being ripped off by the Ngurah Rai airport official taxi or you’re simply spooked of the bad stories people have had with them? The bad rep came from the poor organization and lack of attention from the taxi operators and in extension, the government in general.

A lot of people have avoided them. So these are some of the most common and practical options that you can try as alternatives to the so-called official airport taxi.

Install the local transport apps before you board

Ideally, you should have the transport app before you arrive in Bali, especially if you don’t want to navigate the hassle of installing and figuring out the app navigation inside the airport.

But if you can’t then, install the transport apps once you’ve arrived. Two of the most popular options are the Gojek app and Grab app. Gojek is a native app from Indonesia while Grab is that of Southeast Asia. So it’s clear which one is more popular. But the two options are generally good and prices don’t differ much.

Sarbagita Public Bus

The name Sarbagita stands for Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar and Tabanan, the major areas served by the public bus.

Sarbagita public bus is by far the cheapest option among the others. Adults only pay 2,500 per person. Sarbagita drops off at certain bus stops and is also the most limited.

Sarbagita bus as one of the alternatives to Ngurah Rai airport

But it’s a great option if you have enough time and would love to go sightseeing the city through the bus windows.

Tip: take the Sarbagita bus at least once after you’ve dropped off your belongings at your hotel. It’s an authentic experience as you’ll board with a lot of locals around you. Students going and coming back from school, a group of women who sell at the traditional markets along with their children, and many more.

Go to the departure gate and catch a Blue Bird

The most famous Indonesian taxi, Blue Bird, is not allowed to get passengers from the airport because of Ngurah Rai Taxi monopoly. But they’re still allowed to drop-off passengers.

People would go to the departure hall and waited until someone has gotten out and paid before hurriedly going to the metered taxi. Dozens of people do this everyday. Often time,s the BlueBird drivers would tell you get in quickly. They are not supposed to take passengers here.

But it’s common practice because the Ngurah Rai taxi fares and poor services are simply absurd.

Motorcycle taxi

If you’re not bringing big, heavy suitcases or other oversized items, make use of the aforementioned transport app to get you to places using motorcycle.

Both Gojek and Grab offered this option, with Gojek being the more popular one. Motorcycle taxi is referred to as “Ojek” in Indonesia, that’s where Gojek got its name. You can often find these motorcycle taxi drivers around in wait just outside of the airport.

You can find them the easiest by going to the area heading to the public motorcycle parking area. Although it would be crowded, bringing only a carry-on the Gojek drivers usually would not mind.

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Bali Web Design Services To Start Your Successful Online Business

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How many times have you read about putting your business on internet is really important? You can choose to make the marketplace accounts with all the limitations you get or you can decide to make its own site where all the access and barely no limitations at all. It is about to build the business website where its design is also takes the important roles, so that, you will need to read further about this Bali web design services.

Bali web design services are easy to find. I have been using the search engine like Google for that and saw some of the quality agencies. While I was searching, some advertisements are also appeared that were offering the related various services.

Some services that are related to the Bali web design will served you to make a relatively beautiful clean site designs that many corporate sites are used. The online shop designs are also pretty much dominated the services to get the useful and easy to navigate online store when visitors are using it.

I am also sure that the accommodations and the other travel related businesses are even more competing online now to get more customers and Bali is truly the great island for that.

How is it possible for your business to get the Bali web design services?

There may website design services in every countries in this world and in Bali itself, it may have been provided countless number of services. But, why your business still needs the Bali web design services than the others?

Popular Bali web design services to start your successful online business

It shouldn’t always caused by your business itself is located at the same island. Even if you have ran your products or services in the other cities or even countries, you may need to considering to build your new business site through Bali web design. And if you have built one, in case you needs to change the way it’s looks or redesigns it, then it can be accepted as well.

You have known that many people are doing businesses in Bali. The island itself feels like it no longer just for the Indonesian people but the foreigners seem to taking over it as well since business licensing is quite easy. Many people around the world are not only visiting Bali to enjoy the beauty of nature and cultures, but in the same time, they are also selling their products and services.

One among the reasons for that is it is a place where the international or global market had been built since long. The travellers and also foreigners that have been living in Bali for years are the live witnesses for that. Another reason that I think it will also be accepted is that many Bali web design services are also targeting the foreigners. Thank’s to the currency change where your Dollars now are even more valuable so you will get the professional website design services in more affordable prices.

There are some of the popular Bali web design agencies such as Kesato & Co, Lumonata, Fleava, etc. You can pick one and finds it online and get in touch with the team as soon as possible. If you are asking me which one to try, then you can visit Kesato as one of the popular digital agency in Bali.

I haven’t got an experience from the other agencies but the one that I have recommended will worth your visit and also I have seen some of their projects where they were truly worth your budget.

Dealing with the design for your website is important so the visitors who are visiting your site will not only see it as something that mind-blowing or even beautiful, but also to navigate them in ease so there won’t be any unnecessary troublesome. Good web design will get more conversion, visitors and more advantages than the otherwise. And if you can’t do it yourself since it surely will take your most valuable times, simply talk to the Bali web design service providers you have in mind.

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Why Sleep is Important Especially During Your Travel

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While the idea of getting drunk all night long at a dimly lit bar in Hong Kong seemed to be just what you needed during your time out on vacation, it may just ruin your much-awaited vacation.

Not even considering jet lags, everyday sleep during your time off is highly important so that you can enjoy your vacation to the best of your ability. On top of everything, it’s your travel, a time to rest for crying out loud! Get some sleep!

Important of sleep during travel

Sleep is more important than food or drink

So don’t skip it. Or deprive yourself off of it. Period. It’s pretty elementary. Humans need a full rest in the form of sleep in order to function. This becomes even truer as you are traveling. You’re not simply sitting at your desk typing away at your office you’re desperately wanting to escape from.

You’re actually traveling and doing activities that require your physical strength. Sleep is not just your friend. It’s your survival.

Especially if you got a jet lag

Whether you like it or not, you need it. Take a melatonin supply if you have a jetlag. It’s a hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycle and is generally safer compared to most sleep aid pills. Make sure not to take melatonin every single day of your travel!

Use it to “reset” your body’s natural circadian rhythm to help you sleep faster. You can even take it during or before a flight if you have a long, overnight flight.

Can’t enjoy your vacation without enough rest

Sleep is a way for your body to reset itself. It’s a time for your whole physical function to prepare themselves for what is to come tomorrow. Lack of sleep has been known to cause difficulties in concentration, feeling drowsy throughout the day, and it can even lead to the experience of “microsleep”, which is the mind going into the state of sleep while you’re awake.

This all means that your body cannot function as it should because you’re depriving it of their rights to rest. How can you enjoy your much-anticipated holiday if you don’t allow yourself some sleep?

Lack of sleep has been known to cause accidents

You’re traveling to have a good time. Why enable accidents to come to you by doing your travel activities without sleep? Sleep deprivation was one of the factors of some of the major accidents known in the world.

But in everyday lives, it’s one of the common causes of road accidents. Fatigue is a major cause.

If you’re taking a road trip around the country, stopping once in a while is not just important. You need to. Period. Schedule some a time to stop. This is important even when you don’t plan to stop at a hotel to sleep.

Simply stopping and stretching your legs at a gas station is also a helpful method to take a short break. So, ready to head back to bed and get some much needed beauty sleep? Your adventure would surely come tomorrow. Now, sleep!

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How This Bali Villas Seminyak 4 Bedroom Can Be Your Favorite Stay

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Traveling with your family or in a group to Bali can be fun. The more crowded will usually be the better. But, if you are the one that appointed as the person who are responsible to find an accommodation, then you may have to spend some times. You won’t disappointing the rest of your group members, right? That is why I brought to you about this Bali villas Seminyak 4 bedroom.

Now, I am assuming that if you can get this 4 bedroom villas, then you can at least bring 8 person to stay including yourself. If you think that each bedroom will be fit for 2 person, then you are right about that. I do also thing the same way.

So, where you can get the villa and which one among many?

Bali villas Seminyak 4 bedroom as your favorite stay

Bali is so wide so you may start your searching through the popular destinations. And if you are looking for that as well as the place is around 30 minutes to the airport to avoid being late when you will be back, then Seminyak can be your choice.

The location is also one of the most favorite destination in Bali. It is also close to Kuta area where the airport is and that is well known by its Kuta Beach. It is around 10 minutes by motorbike from Seminyak. Staying there will also the great idea if you need to go anywhere in Bali, but as you may have known that public transportation may hard to find.

It is not only in Seminyak area or village where it is hard to get the public transport, but I think the whole of Bali. Getting taxi is easy, but it can be more expensive. So, many tourists are deciding to rent the bikes.

Now, you have known that it can be benefits you when you are staying in this Bali villas Seminyak 4 bedroom with your group based on its location although those have mentioned above are not all of them. Then, which villas you should find and rent for your group?

The exact location of the villa is truly called as the heart of Seminyak. You’ll be staying at the center of where the world travelers are going. And among many of the available Seminyak villas, you can and should find what’s so called as the Hu’u Villas Bali.

Do you think that this Bali villas Seminyak 4 bedroom can only provides you one private pool to enjoy the leisure time with all your group members? You are really wrong about it! You can say that all of the bedrooms will be possible to get each private pools so you don’t need to be worried by being too crowded in the pool. But, there is one condition for that. It is that you have to rent the interconnecting villa’s concept where the design is allowing the guests to get up to 13 bedroom configurations.

That’s all the meaning of this 4 bedrooms Seminyak villas. The interesting thing you can experience is that you can still stay close proximity with the group members or family. It is the interconnecting villas where the bedrooms will be side by side and there will be the connecting doors at the back part of the villas.

There are more mesmerizing and wonderful thing you can get while staying in this Bali villas Seminyak 4 bedroom such as nearby the beach that allow you to walk within minutes, many shopping galore around, and many more. So, when will you visit Bali and stay in this favorite accommodation?

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Thermal Wear for Traveling in Colder Months: UNIQLO Heat-Tech

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Thermal wears are the innermost layer designed to retain body heat better compared to regular clothing. These thermal wears are going to be extremely useful for those of you who are going to travel to a winter destination. If you’re window-shopping for your upcoming winter wardrobes for your travel, then you may find this piece useful for a reference.

There are a number of brands out there known to produce effective thermal wears. One of them is the famous Heattech by Uniqlo. The Japanese brand UNIQLO is known for its high quality items and their affordable price tag. What are some of the things that get travelers to be attracted in heattech enough to dub them as “travel gear”?

Thermal Wear for Traveling in Colder Months: UNIQLO Heat-Tech

Highly affordable

Brands that engineer their clothes to be super lightweight, but able to retain warmth better at the same time, often costs a fortune. Some of these brands known to produce thermal wears as well are The North Face, smartwool, Columbia and many others. A thermal top can easily cost you $100something, while the Uniqlo heattech is merely a fraction of that price. This is what makes Uniqlo a very popular brand.

Heattech, heattech Extra Warm, heattech Ultra Warm

Uniqlo used to only have one type of heattech. As popularity grows from both domestics and international purchases, the company has expanded the heattech franchise. Right now, you can find the UNIQLO heattech coming in three options.

The Lightest – Heattech Regular

The regular heattech from Uniqlo is the most lightweight of all three options. The heattech regular is highly versatile and is meant to be worn with more layers for insulation. Uniqlo also marketed their heattech franchise to keep you cool during the warmer months as well. Of course, not wearing it under a blazing sun would be the wise move. All in all, uniqlo heattech regular is a good option for everyday wear  during your winter journey.

Wearing the Extra Warm

You won’t need the extra warm heattech if you’re going to wear at least 3 layers including your outermost clothing piece as you’ve already got enough insulation. If you’re coming from the tropical country, you also have the option of wearing the Extra Warm or doubling the regular heattech.

What about the Ultra Warm?

When you’re going to go somewhere below 0 degree, you may consider wearing the Ultra Warm from UNIQLO. Supported with a solid insulation, the ultra warm option from heattech would make your travel pain-free from the biting cold. Make sure to bring extra heattech for a change. You can also double your heattech for extra warmth when you’re going to sleep as the texture and the lightness of the materials are great for a makeshift pajamas. This trick is particularly useful for those who like to pack light.

Remember that you’re going to shed your layers indoors

Before doubling or even tripling your heattech because you can’t stand the cold, remember that you’re not just going to spend the whole time outside! There are times that you’re going to come indoor, and having three thermal undergarments is going to be so much more difficult to remove compared to removing outer layers like vests and coats.


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Decorating Komodo Cruise for Seaside Wedding

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Komodo cruise is highly popular ever since the secret of Komodo dragons spread to the world. And now, more people is coming to Labuan Bajo to enjoy the breathtaking landscape. A surreal part of the world with undulating hills, savannah-covered terrain, empty and sugary beaches, and brilliant sea. Today, Komodo is no longer an escape destination. A number of couple have seen Komodo boats—those wooden phinisi liveaboard travelers use for sailing around Komodo—as a unique alternative to beachside wedding. After all, who can resist the blue and breezy settings?

Decorating Komodo Cruise for Seaside Wedding

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With the advance of Komodo cruise, launching a boat wedding is no longer an impossible mission. Today, Labuan Bajo has the most luxurious and spacious phinisi boats that will be suitable to throw a private boat wedding. Some remote islands near the Komodo National Park has also opened a private resort in case you need larger spaces to accommodate the guests. Some couple prefer the latter as they can take a solemn vow in the boat and proceed to have a beachside reception at the resort.

Whether you planned to take the nuptial vow in one of private resort’s beach or straight in the cruise, here are some ideas to decorate your cruise soirée.

Choose Komodo Cruise with 20 – 30+ Capacity of Passengers

Labuan Bajo is famous with their wooden phinisi boat, which usually carry 8 – 30 person on board. The boat size make for an intimate trip, but might only be ideal for a small scale wedding. Before going overboard with decoration details, spent a time to look for big boats that can cater up to 30 person onboard. This should be enough to accommodate the bride and groom’s closest families.

No matter how minimum your guests is, your cruise should be spacious.

A Beach Appropriate Wear for Bride and Grooms

Throwing a wedding in a sailing boat is quite different than having one in solid ground. In a beachside setting like this, it’s best to keep the bride’s dress simple. Safe the 3m long tailed wedding gown for church wedding. The long gown will catch more sticky sands that will be quite a pain after the reception. Opt for simpler and more comfortable wedding dress—flowy, bohemian and casual  can compliment the casual vibes. The groom? Just follow the bride’s style!

Decorating Komodo Cruise for Seaside Wedding

Source: pinterest

Wood and Linen Arch

Prepare the special place to tie the knot by having an elegant wood and linen arch. Simply decorate the wooden arch with flowing fabrics and a bucket of flowers that compliments the scenery.


Speaking of flowers, no wedding is complete without one. Pick a color scheme that will go with the nautical theme, such as pastels and auburn or white and green with a little touch of pastel blue. To save some space, tie your flower decorations into small buckets and place them into jars or strategic corners in the ship rather than lining up the whole Komodo cruise with flowers.

Decorating Komodo Cruise for Seaside Wedding

Source: pinterest

Sous-Marine Decor

Thicken the nautical setting in your cruise wedding with elements of the sea like driftwood, knots, white-blue strip ribbon, seashell, and starfish. Since you are in Komodo, why don’t you put wooden Komodo miniature to add unique touch to your cruise wedding? However, please resists any desire to bottled up the rosy sands of Komodo’s Pink Beach, no matter how pretty it is.

As you make the marriage vow in the cruise, now we can safely say, the ship is sailing! Have a happy jolly seaside wedding!

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Travel Easier and Better by Learning How NOT to Overpack

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Overpacking causes headache. It can even cost you a lot of money at the airport if you apparently exceeded the weight limit of your stuff. Traveling is a stressful endeavor.

How not to overpack in travel

Don’t make it even more painful for you by bringing stuff you end up not using, or those you actually don’t need. Learning to ease your travel by not overpacking may take time to learn, but I reckon it’s a valuable life skill.

First and foremost, create a packing list!

If you don’t know where to start, there are a lot of packing list out there that you can download and customize according to your very own needs.

Creating a list helps prevent you from forgetting stuff in the last moment. Take a look at your packing list before you go. All you have to do is look at your list to make sure that you’re not forgetting anything.

Coordinate all of your outfits

There are many things to factor such as the weather—but after you have an idea you can work with, start coordinating your travel outfits! Don’t just stuff anything you see in your wardrobe just because you think you will wear them.

Clothes that ended up not worn is usually the biggest culprit in overpacking. This is why it’s important to think of the clothes you’re bringing as a set of a comprehensive look.

Don’t just bring that sweater but you don’t know where or when you’re going to wear it during your travel. You can go the extra mile by planning your outfits throughout your travel. This way, you’ll be ensured that you will not bring outfits that you won’t wear.

Neutrals are the way to go

If you’re already wearing neutrals most of the time, good! Neutral colors go with everything, and you won’t have to worry whether a piece is going to fit well with another. Neutrals are also elegant, timeless color that won’t go out of date.

Start selecting your neutral outfits as early as possible. Packing neutrals is almost a sure way to get all of your outfits match with each other.

Get a smaller bag

How to bring less items? Get a smaller bag! It’s almost an instant way to prevent you from overpacking because it forces you to fit everything you need into that bag. When we have a bigger bag and there’s that extra room, our instinct would tend to say “you can still fit more item”. While in reality, you don’t need to fit in more items into your bag.

It’s a gradual process

Remember that you can’t become a minimalist packer overnight. Packing is intimately related to your very own lifestyle.

If you’re used to bringing a huge bag filled with all sorts of accessories, it may be more difficult to pack lighter whenever you travel. It’s basically a habit. But the most surefire way not to overpack anytime you travel is of course, by changing that very habit. It takes time and it takes effort.

But don’t worry and don’t let yourself get frustrated. The key is to start. And start small. Work your way up to lighter and lighter packing. You’ll get there!


How Important Does The Parachute Hammock In Life?

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Parachute hammock that is made of nylon is now even getting more popular among the travelers, parents with children and many more. It is because of its usage that can’t only being used at the outdoors but also indoor like in your bedroom and even as to complete your house decoration.

For the outdoor usage, many of the resorts are using the rope hammock since it is stronger and more durable. Thicker than the parachute hammock and won’t as hot as the parachute nylon material so people can always using it even under the hot sun if they want.

Thanks to the hammock camping tarp where now you can even more comfortable if you still need to rest in a hot day at the beach. No more too shine and brighter sun blinding your eyes and surely a great item to avoid the rain.

Important of parachute hammock in life

Many have been published that the nylon replaced the silk during the World War II (WW2) when the supply of silk diminished. Yes, it has a long story to tell. Later on, nylon has becomes one of the popular choice eversince. It is good wind resistance material, has a good elasticity, you won’t need to worry about the mildew, and surely as an comparatively cheaper material.

Those are just some benefits when using the nylon and you are possible to get all of those advantages when using the parachute nylon hammock. Ok, I admitted that the price can be vary but I have said that it is comparatively affordable, right?

Parachute hammock which its material is made of the nylon then leads to the lighter weight hammock (lightweight) and contributes in helping you to get dry hammock. Even if yours is wet by the water, it will dries quickly. Some of the people are also claiming it that the hammock will be resistant to abrasion and also the chemicals. I know you may have no ideas about both before, but that’s how the manufacturers are avoiding us from being stupid or out of luck.

Today, you can get a parachute nylon hammock that has more durability even up to 10 years in its usage. A really great investment since you can uses it for years. So that, due to its exceptional nylon strength—it is also used for some important things such as to make straps of the parachute harness, reinforcing the tape, and suspension lines.

The more benefits you will get for sure and I think it will keep on adding some extra positive things in the years to come.

Now, if you think about what I have just spoken on above, they are simple as how good and important the parachute nylon is and a bit about its relation with the hammock since it is the main material for that. Let’s see what else the hammock can do for you especially in its relation to the world of traveling. This should be more interesting to know, shouldn’t it?

I have seen and read that the parachute hammock is usually used in camping activity or something relates to it. When people are hiking the mountain, many of them will bring the hammock. So with the people who are visiting the beach. The reasons for that are because bringing it will save more space in the backpack and it can be considered as not heave at all. It won’t as lighter as the cotton or the fur, but surely it can’t be as heavier as the tent.

You can even makes the hammock as your bed alternative if you want even though many people are usually won’t agree with that. But the thing is, it is possible and I have even read about the admission of someone that have been sleeping in a hammock for years. It really is a good news knowing that maybe we should never worried about our health condition if we want to sleep in it.

Moreover, many have also found their self sleeping quicker when just laying down in a parachute hammock for couple of minutes. If you have kind of Insomnia, you can try to deal with that in a hammock without any medicine.

Those are some of the importance of a parachute nylon hammock in this life. I have not been covered all the advantages we could get so keep on waiting for the updates in days to come.

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Seminyak Must-Dos for Your Exciting Bali Trip

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Seminyak is known as the more elegant and subdued counterpart of Kuta. Already staying in Seminyak? Great. If not, you can easily reach Seminyak from Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua, and Denpasar. Depending on where you’re from, it only takes 15 minutes to 40 minutes to reach Seminyak as long as traffic is not congested.

State your inner shopaholics

Seminyak has an abundance of shops or any fine items you could imagine. You’re going to love Seminyak if you consider yourself a shopaholic. Clothes, furnitures, accessories, and many other fine stuff are abundant.

There are simply numerous of boutiques lining up the street. Some of the labels you can find are Auguste the Label, Magali Pascal, Bali Boat Shed, and Paulina Katarina are simply a few among hundreds and maybe even thousands that you can browse to your heart’s content.

You can find lines of shops virtually anywhere in the Seminyak area. From Jalan Raya Seminyak to Jalan Kayu Aya—wherever you decided to go, you’re bound to find something you fancy.

Get Funky in Dream Museum Zone Bali (DMZ)

This place is also known by the name Trick Art 3D Gallery. Fun life-sized artworks and installation are what you should expect from this fun 3D museum.

Exciting Bali trip - Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali

Make sure to get your camera ready because that’s why you’re coming to this place! You won’t get short of fun Instagram pictures to post as a fun memory for from your Bali trip. Unleash your inner kid!

Visit Seminyak’s fun dining places

As previously mentioned, Seminyak has an abundance of fancy establishments. Some of the most popular beach clubs in Bali are located in the area.

Potato Head Beach Club is one among the most popular beach clubs you need to visit. The clubs and restaurants are particularly great venue for social activities. Strike a conversation with strangers or simply have fun with your travel companion.

Jemme Dining is another one of Seminyak’s fancy dining establishments. Prices are still quite affordable. The highest price for starters is less than 100,000 IDR (approximately 7 USD) while the main courses cost less than 300,000 IDR (less than 25 USD).

Prepare your budget if you fancy coming to Seminyak’s many fancy dining establishments and fun beach clubs!

Stay in nice villas

One of the things Seminyak is known for is the many beautiful villas in the area. Prices can also be super affordable, depending on what you’re looking for.

You can even spend less than 50 USD per person and still feel like a nobility. Some of those inexpensive villas are Villa Oberoi, Villa Yogan, and Villa Arta. But if you want to stay in luxury villas Seminyak, you can try Hu’u Bali.

Remember that villa and rent prices in general is also affected by high and low seasons, so make sure to do your research and check with your departure dates!

Enjoy Seminyak’s beaches

What’s Bali without its gorgeous beaches? If you’ve had enough of Pantai Kuta and its crowd, then Seminyak may be the place for you. Beaches with beach clubs such as La Plancha is going to be more crowded, but still not as much as Kuta does.

Some of the beaches worth visiting are Double Six beach, and Seminyak Beach Resort and Spa.


Staying In Luxury Villas Seminyak, How Does It Feels?

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Today, I’m going to tell you a quick post about the luxury private villas that many people had been stayed in Seminyak. A few of you may had been to Bali already, but I am sure that there are still many people who don’t. So that, even if you have been known Bali before or this can be your first visit, I will suggest you to rent your own private villa.

How does it feels staying in luxury villas Seminyak?

I’m actually so glad to tell you about this because maybe after a long hard days, weeks or even months struggling at your office, now you have decided to come to Bali. Your time is precious, so I hope you are not confusing in wasting it on the reservation sites just to know which accommodation you should choose that is affordable enough for you and how you will really loves staying in it. That’s why this luxury villas Seminyak post comes up.

Walking around in Bali is pretty a good thing to do. But when you are doing it to find your best stay, that is really something you won’t do. You can simple scrolling up and down through your phone on the reservation site you have installed. The problem is, there are too much offers. They are good, affordable, luxury, and many more. Not to mention the types of accommodations to get, the luxury hotel room or a villa, inside the local house just like what Air bnb is doing, and many more.

Since I was knowing about the luxury villas at Seminyak couple months ago, I am realized that apparently the hotel room is nothing. Not for all of the hotel rooms, but most of them. And there are some reasons for that.

Just so you know that most of the private villas at Seminyak are providing us with the private pool which is the better thing you can get than nothing. If you get it too at the hotel, it can be the public pool. Even if the private pool existed, I am afraid that you’ll be break the bank. Too expensive for many of us.

Think about you want to go to the private villa and have a few drinks by the pool and just relax. Right after swimming, you will had a shower with outdoor view. The room will also led straight into your bedroom and bathroom that were inside and also had a jacuzzi tub. What could be better than those? The private pool villa at Seminyak which you have rented before can accommodates you with such pleasures.

You will really love during any time the day inside your stay. Simply open up those doors and have it as one open space you have to let the sun inside and start warming you up in the morning. You will have the kitchen right straight the spacious living room inside the luxury villa where you can make your own coffee while watching TV and enjoy the morning sun.

Anyway, you will enjoy those scenes after waking up and out of the extra king size bedroom. You don’t even need to worry about the unlimited Wi-Fi which is always strong if you need to check something online. Yet, those are just some things you can get and please yourself from the luxury villas Seminyak. Not to mention that the Seminyak area itself is full of some other interesting things such unique attractions, seeing how local people are living, where to buy souvenirs or spend your time at the tasteful restaurant or a cozy café, and many more.