5 Flowers to Plant for A Tropical Villa in Nusa Dua Bali

There’s nothing like living in peaceful coastal area such as the Nusa Dua in Bali. To breathe in the ocean breeze every day and soak up in the endless blue water of the sea; the relaxing ambience of having a coastal house is hard to beat. We have seen beautiful Bali beach houses; the classic ones adorned with Balinese intricate carvings, trendier urban and boho villas with coastal themes, modern minimalist dominated with glass walls, and many other houses. Whichever style you incline, however, you would want to complement your villa Nusa Dua Bali with verdant gardens and flourishing flowers to complement the beach house. Here’s our recommendation of five best flower plants to decorate your tropical residence. 

Bougainvillea Bushes for the Gate of Your Villa Nusa Dua Bali

Bougainvillea Bushes for the Gate of Your Villa Nusa Dua Bali

Natives to South American, this brightly coloured flowers is very popular in Bali! It thrives in conditions that would kill most other plants, such as poor soil or being exposed to radiant heat along a south-facing wall. In tropical-style backyards, use them to provide a splash of brilliant pink, crimson, purple, or pearly white. All bougainvilleas are frost-tender, so pot them up and bring them inside for the winter or when temps drop below freezing. Plant it over the gate of your villa Nusa Dua Bali and soon you will see guests taking a selfie backdropped by the lovely bougainvillea! 

Cover the Walls with Verdant English Ivy

The lush and verdant aura that this deep green groundcover can provide to a landscape is one of the most appealing aspects of English ivy. The color and weight of your foliage can give your garden design a sense of presence. Ivy and taxus bushes have a rich green, almost heavy appearance that is typical of English gardens. It boasts a variety of unique leaf morphologies as well as varied colorations. The ‘Needlepoint’ variety has tiny pointy leaves, while ‘Sweetheart’ (Deltoidea) has heart-shaped leaves, and curly kinds like ‘Manda’s Crested’ have curly leaves. One of its allures is this. This is a creeping and climbing plant that can give a wall or fence a very sturdy appearance.

Frangipani Flowers in the Backyard 

Frangipani Flowers in the Backyard

The plumeria (as scientifically named) is a native to Mexico as well as Indonesia and grown as an ornamental in warm climates. This is a common Balinese flower that can be found in gardens as well as in every ceremonial procession. Its pleasant aroma makes it a popular ingredient in essential oils and spa treatments. Frangipani trees often complements the look of backyard or poolside garden. Hotel and villa attendants usually pick fresh flower early in the morning for a versatile adornment.  

Geranium Flowers 

These lovely small flowers are actually very though. They thrive in coastal circumstances and provide a welcome color contrast to the more traditional palette of coastal plants. Their adaptability is particularly appealing, since they may be cultivated both indoors and in hanging baskets.

It’s also also simple to care for. If you’ve planted them outside your villa Nusa Dua Bali, simply water them thoroughly once they’ve been planted, and then at least once a week after that. They like to be in the sun, which makes them thirsty, so keep that in mind when determining where to put them.

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Jasmine Bush for the Terrace Area

This pretty and fragrant flower is Indonesian National Flowers and is very common to be found in the country. It can grow up to three meters on fences or walls, and its white color makes it easy to spot. With just one vine planted over a shade structure, an outdoor seating area would be perfumed with a fresh, jasmine-like scent. Tubular white flowers in bouquet-like clusters make wonderful cut flowers. The plant, which is native to Southeast Asia’s jungles, thrives in humid areas or when misted frequently.