About Buying Travel Insurance During Global Pandemic

Since the pandemic, travel insurance industry has been shifted significantly. Many travelers learned that their travel insurance didn’t cover their trip. So many of them experienced huge lost of travel insurance. Not to mention that the information about coverage and policies of travel insurances had made many travelers feel even more confused, not knowing how to handle the situation better.

Travel  insurance form with model and policy document

Should you buy travel insurance during global pandemic?

Travel insurance companies have made various changes to cater to travelers’ need during global pandemic.  It is due to cancellation that can happen at anytime since the situation is still full of unexpectedness. There are so many unforeseen circumstances that can cause cancellation of a trip and many travelers expect for their travel insurance to be helpful during those situation. Furthermore, lots of people are a bit hesitant whether or not buy travel insurance during this uncertain times.

Opt for coverage that lets you cancel for any reason

Travel insurance companies have made some changes and policies to make sure they provide what their clients need. If you are doubtful about buying travel insurance at this moment, you may consider choosing coverage that lets you cancel your trip for any reason. Choose the one insurance that offers flexibility when you don’t know what could come up. Make sure to not assume that every travel insurance company offers this kind of coverage. Always find out the information thoroughly before buying. 

Make your own calculation of the cost

If you plan on travelling abroad, you might consider medical insurance because you don’t know what will happen to you during your adventure in unfamiliar places. With your medical insurance that can cover you fully for any medical cost for accident or injury, you will feel more secure, knowing that they will have your back. If you are still unsure, you can calculate possible cost of medical bills you probably should pay when you are in medical emergency during your travel abroad. Then, weigh down the plus and minus of buying medical insurance for your travel. 

Consider buying travel insurance from the hotels

Travel insurance agents are not the only one who offer travel insurance. There are plenty of resorts and hotels that also offer travel insurance as part of their inclusive package. The package usually include amenities and covid-testing center. This is such a fresh air for travelers since you can just buy insurance that you really need according to the situation. Make sure that you look for hotels and resorts that provide this kind of insurance in advance. 

Should you buy full cover travel insurance

Many travelers consider buying full cover travel insurance in hope that everything will be covered. Hence, they don’t need to think about any cost. However, you need to remember that even full cover travel insurances come with additional costs. It may add to your travel concerns. The most important point when considering travel insurance especially during times of uncertainty, is that you find the one that covers trip cancellations, trip medical coverage, and trip delays.