Alternatives to Ngurah Rai Airport So-Called Official Taxi

Tired of being ripped off by the Ngurah Rai airport official taxi or you’re simply spooked of the bad stories people have had with them? The bad rep came from the poor organization and lack of attention from the taxi operators and in extension, the government in general.

A lot of people have avoided them. So these are some of the most common and practical options that you can try as alternatives to the so-called official airport taxi.

Install the local transport apps before you board

Ideally, you should have the transport app before you arrive in Bali, especially if you don’t want to navigate the hassle of installing and figuring out the app navigation inside the airport.

But if you can’t then, install the transport apps once you’ve arrived. Two of the most popular options are the Gojek app and Grab app. Gojek is a native app from Indonesia while Grab is that of Southeast Asia. So it’s clear which one is more popular. But the two options are generally good and prices don’t differ much.

Sarbagita Public Bus

The name Sarbagita stands for Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar and Tabanan, the major areas served by the public bus.

Sarbagita public bus is by far the cheapest option among the others. Adults only pay 2,500 per person. Sarbagita drops off at certain bus stops and is also the most limited.

Sarbagita bus as one of the alternatives to Ngurah Rai airport

But it’s a great option if you have enough time and would love to go sightseeing the city through the bus windows.

Tip: take the Sarbagita bus at least once after you’ve dropped off your belongings at your hotel. It’s an authentic experience as you’ll board with a lot of locals around you. Students going and coming back from school, a group of women who sell at the traditional markets along with their children, and many more.

Go to the departure gate and catch a Blue Bird

The most famous Indonesian taxi, Blue Bird, is not allowed to get passengers from the airport because of Ngurah Rai Taxi monopoly. But they’re still allowed to drop-off passengers.

People would go to the departure hall and waited until someone has gotten out and paid before hurriedly going to the metered taxi. Dozens of people do this everyday. Often time,s the BlueBird drivers would tell you get in quickly. They are not supposed to take passengers here.

But it’s common practice because the Ngurah Rai taxi fares and poor services are simply absurd.

Motorcycle taxi

If you’re not bringing big, heavy suitcases or other oversized items, make use of the aforementioned transport app to get you to places using motorcycle.

Both Gojek and Grab offered this option, with Gojek being the more popular one. Motorcycle taxi is referred to as “Ojek” in Indonesia, that’s where Gojek got its name. You can often find these motorcycle taxi drivers around in wait just outside of the airport.

You can find them the easiest by going to the area heading to the public motorcycle parking area. Although it would be crowded, bringing only a carry-on the Gojek drivers usually would not mind.