Favorite KitKat Flavors You Should Bring Home from Your Japan Trip

Virtually any tourists who come to Japan are looking for this popular chocolate bar! Japanese KitKats are extremely popular with the masses because of its innovative invention of unique chocolate flavors. It’s not an exaggeration to say that KitKat has the biggest quantity of flavors in the world. There are literally hundreds of them. There are also limited regional flavors that can only be found in certain regions of Japan. What are some of the memorable ones you should bring home from your next Japan trip?

Favorite KitKat Flavors You Should Bring Home from Your Japan Trip

KitKat Sake Flavor

The Japanese sake flavor released in June 2016 actually has alcohol in them! These delicious pieces of chocolate bars have alcohol content of approximately 0.8%, presented in white chocolate. It’s said that there is an aftertaste of Japanese traditional alcoholic beverage (Sake).

While the alcohol content is much less compared to the average beer, Nestle Japan spokesperson still advised that children and lightweight drinkers should avoid the chocolate bar! Now that does spike some curiosity


Hojicha Flavor (Roasted Green Tea)

A part of the “region specialty” edition, this KitKat is only sold in Kansai. Ths limited edition KitKat is flavored Uji Hojicha, which is roasted green tea. As suggested by the packaging, the roasted green tea is not “green” colored anymore. The method of roasting is special among other Japanese green tea in which it is roasted over charcoal within a porcelain pot. It’s an elegant flavor perfect to be given as a travel souvenir for anyone; your friends, your boss, your family; you name it.


Wasabi Flavor

Who wants to eat horseradish with their chocolates? Well, that apparently does not stop Nestle from creating this unique, unorthodox flavor. Horseradish or wasabi has been enjoyed in Japan as a company with sushi, sashimi, and a number of other Japanese dishes. If you love your sushi with wasabi, you may enjoy this unique-flavored kitkat. While it may not make you tear up like a genuine wasabi do, the flavor do have a shock-factor to it, minus the heat. It’s definitely worth a try and is a souvenir-worthy item from your travel.


Rum Raisin Flavor

The scent of KitKat rum raisin flavor is very fragrant! And this is another KitKat flavor that has an alcohol content in them. This blend of rum raisin and chocolate has a 0,056% alcohol in them. This product is apparently a regional special as well, advertised as Tokyo limited edition flavor. The product can be found in the Kanto region. The rum and raisin flavor is presented in bars of white chocolate. It’s a sophisticated flavor to represent the taste of Japan’s capital.


Momiji Manju Flavor

Japanese KitKat based on one of Japan’s traditional confectioneries! Momiji manju is a Japanese traditional rice cake and buckwheat filled with “adzuki” (read bean paste). The shape of momiji manju cake itself is that of a maple leaf. “Momiji” is Japanese for maple. This traditional cake is known as Hiroshima prefecture specialty, which is why it’s Hiroshima’s region-specialty product. The flavor of red bean paste can be tasted in the crispy kitkat wafers, while the manju cake dough can be tasted through the white chocolate bars. Yum!