Find Out More About Campervan Trip

What are the benefits of using campervan for a vacation

Have you heard about campervan trip? For those who love camping, this new trend is worth a try. Campervans are cars that are relatively easy to drive. You can drive it while seeing the world. You can go anywhere you like with this car. However, campervan trip comes with some rules you should not ignore. 

What is campervan?

In another word, campervan is caravan. It is vehicle contained recreational elements and built on the frame of a truck or van. Campervans are relatively smaller than traditional RV vans so it provides more access for anyone to drive it. It is also easy to get around due to its body of production-model built. Another benefit is that campervan comes with lower cost compared to the traditional RV vans. The features of campervans are not less than what traditional vans have. One downside of campervan is smaller space compared to traditional RV so it s more fitted for smaller groups. 

Distinct difference between campervans and traditional RV 

As mentioned before that the space of campervan is smaller than traditional RV’s. it is due to the size difference between the two. Traditional RV can be the size of a school bus. Meanwhile, the smallest campervan is the size of a production car. The largest one is about the same size as of a large truck. However, the smaller size of campervan allows you to jump in and start right away without needing more time to get adjusted to it. 

What are the benefits of using campervan for a vacation?

Find Out More About Campervan Trip

The biggest benefit is probably its mobility because as it is said before it has smaller size that can be easily adjusted to. Also, campervans come with many features that can be found in an RV as well such as a small kitchen, power outlets, charge cell phones, plug-in medical devices, etc. There is also insulated sleeping area to keep your comfortable during your rest. Campervans also don’t take much space so the campground is more accommodating. 

Another benefit of driving campervans for camping is that you don’t need a particular driver’s license. You can operate it even with your regular driver’s license. It is due to the size of campervans that is roughly the same as the production cars you usually drive. However, it is always best to have a mini test-drive before going for a trip with the campervan. Hence, you know hot to navigate it just in case you find something different with the features. For example, some campervans have back-up cameras but not the center rear-view mirror. 

Packing list to be inside of your campervans for camping

Your packing list will be varied based on how long you plan on the vacation, how many people join, and where you are going. Prepare foods, weather-appropriate clothes, potable water for cleaning, clean linens and pillows, cleaning products, kitchenette fuel, cash for tolls, and connection cables. Also, camp your campervans at a campground during the night for safety and convenience purpose.