Free Hotel Amenities You Can Enjoy During Your Trip

Travelling means you need thorough packing, preparation, and all. It is often that you even pack unnecessary items in your suitcase thinking that you may need them later at your destination. Well, it is true that you need to pack thoroughly but the most important is to pack savvy. You need to know what to bring and not. Make sure you only need something that you will need not you may need. This way you won’t have to deal with bulging suitcase or backpack. Besides, you can also rely on free amenities the hotel provides during your stay.

Hotel amenities you can make the most of for free

No matter how meticulous you are with your packing and travel preparation, it is common to forget a thing or two. However, you don’t need to fret about it. There are always hotel amenities you can make the most of. Besides, you pay during your stay so you deserve to enjoy every service and amenities the hotel provides anyway. Here are free hotel amenities you can enjoy to the fullest during your stay at your travel destination:

  • When you decide to stay at hotel during your trip to your travel destination, you don’t need to pack too many toiletries. The bathroom of your hotel room has already had everything you need with standard grooming products such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, mouthwash, floss, etc. Some hotels also provide deodorant, nail kit, sunscreen, etc. Thus, you can use them during your stay at your hotel room since they are there for free. You can also visit hotel spas where they usually offer free samples of high-end skin care products.
  • When you need a ride to have dinner at the restaurant or visit a museum, you can use hotel’s house car. You can also go around the town for free using hotel’s car. However, most hotels set fir-come-first-serve-rule for this kind of amenity. Thus, you may always get it when you need to hitch a ride using your hotel’s free service. However, it’s worth to try. Some hotels nowadays also lend their guests bikes with no charge.
  • Most hotels provide happy hour such as providing free alcoholic beverages every evening in the lobby. Some hotels also offer free cocktails, beer, or wine during happy hour like this. Thu, you can go to happy hour like this and enjoy your drinks for free. To avoid you from misunderstanding, you can always ask your hotel’s concierge staffs about it first.
  • Travelling doesn’t mean you have to abandon your workout regime. You can stay fit during your trip by using workout gear your hotel provided for guests. Most hotels are available to lend workout gears such as yoga mats, clothing, or shoes. You can also join fitness program in your hotel’s fitness room. They usually provide free drinks and snacks as well. To make sure if your hotel provide these amenities for free, you can check your hotel’s website before booking or call the front desk directly when check in.