Great Souvenir Ideas From All Over The World

It feel incomplete to travel without bringing back a souvenir for your loved ones who are waiting for you at home. Thus, buying souvenir from a place you visit has been kind of a tradition for travelers. Sometimes, it can be something to wear, to eat, or to hang on to something. Whatever it is, a souvenir can be a good reminder of your travel memories both for yourself and others. So what kind of souvenirs are worth buying for from international trip? Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Great Souvenir Ideas From All Over The World

Wool products from Scotland

If you travel to Scotland, buying some wool products as souvenir can be a great idea. Their wool products are super warm, fluffy, and authentic. You can variety of products for souvenirs such as hat, sweater, scarf, bag, or gloves. These kind of souvenirs will be great of use because the people you love will wear them when they need something warm during chilly weather. 

Handmade shoes from Spain

Everything handmade feels more authentic and worthy. That’s why many travelers often hunt for handmade products for souvenirs. If you visit Spain, might as well consider buying handmade shoes for souvenirs to bring back home. You can find variety of handmade shoes with ‘made in Spain’ label with affordable price and high quality. Consider comfort and style when choosing the best shoes to give to your loved ones. 

Perfume from France

When it comes to France, what most travelers remember the most is the romantic, artsy, peaceful mood. When visit this country, you may consider buying perfume for souvenirs. This country has been known as one of Europe’s centers of perfume manufacturing. You can buy authentic perfume with the best scents and more affordable price in the South of France or Provence. 

Coffee from Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica without trying their ‘good stuff’ is such a crime. This place is known worldwide for their high quality coffee. They have one of the most distinctive beans to appreciate. You can buy their coffee for souvenir as well when you visit Costa Rica. Their coffee are grown by the local farmer who know what to do to make it such a high quality product. If you or your loved ones are coffee lovers, consider bringing Costa Rican coffee home with you. 

Olive Oil from Italy

Italy is know for many good things from foods to fashion. When you visit this country, you might a little bit overwhelmed of what to buy for souvenirs. However, you can go for something simple yet authentically Italian, which is olive oil. Yes, Italy has one of the best olive oil you can use for many things. You may consider bringing extra virgin olive oil for your loved ones at home who love cooking. It will such a great thing to give because you get it from the finest place. It has high quality that can enhance their cooking, making them more excited to try new recipes.