How To Have An Eco-Adventure Experience Through Green Travel

Green travel or ecotourism is not something new especially after these past few years. Many people encourage each other to go green travel but not many understand what it is and how to do it. It is not only about sleeping in a tree house. You can still visit small villages or big cities and have an Eco-adventure experience. The point of green travel is to preserve and protect the environment of the place you are visiting and it is not as hard as you imagine.

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Green travel and how to do it

Green travel is about protecting the natural and cultural environment of the place you visit so it also includes the animals, plants, other resources, and local cultures. It also includes contribution to the local community and respecting the local’s ways of life. Tourism has positive and negative impacts so with green travel hopefully the negative ones can be eliminated. 

You can take green approach to travel by doing simple things such as booking a hotel that support and go green campaign. See how the hotel operate before booking one of the room. If what they do affect their surroundings negatively then you need to pick another. To ensure you choose the right hotel, ask questions about local employment, recycling program, energy-consumption program, and their contribution to the local community. 

If it is hard for you to find green hotel or spend a night in eco-lodge due to the price or other reasons, you can still practice your eco-travel. For example, keep your shower short and shut the tap when it is not used. Turn off the AC, television, heat, and lights when you leave the room. Reuse the sheets and towels instead of having them changed every day. If you don’t bring your own toiletries, use the ones provided by the hotels for the entire of the trip. There are many other things you can do to practice eco-travel even with simple things like throwing trash to the recycling bins properly. 

When getting around the places, make sure to choose mode of transportation that is eco-friendly. Environmental footprints can be minimized by taking train instead of plan for a short trip, renting the smallest vehicle that is also fuel-efficient, choosing hybrid car, or use public transportation instead. It is even better if you get around the city on foot or by bike especially if the attractions are within walking distance. 

When you are sightseeing, be respectful and mindful with your behavior by not taking anything but pictures. Also do not leave anything but footprints. Explore the places responsibly so you won’t damage anything. If you explore by hiking, always stay on the designated trail. Do not deposit trash carelessly or pet animals you encounter in the wild. 

Support local business to help the economy by buying their local products. Be respectful with cultural differences and avoid sensitive issues. Green travel often feel more meaningful and rewarding because you know the impact it will bring is positive.