How to Life the Best Komodo Liveaboard Experience in Komodo

The Komodo National Park steadily rise into fame thanks to numerous gorgeous attractions spreads on its colony of islands and world class dive sites in betweens. Given the landscape, an adventure to Komodo is nearly impossible without the participation of many liveaboard boats that’s been busy going back and forth around the national park, taking tourists from all paths to explore Komodo’s stunning beauty.

Labuan Bajo have large variance in definition of liveaboard and it’s easy to distinguish the humble backpacker type, the middle comfort, and the posh one. Many proclaim themselves as the best Komodo liveaboard around—and they have a full right for that! The best liveaboard around Komodo usually represent something more like a floating resort rather than s simple boat to sleep in. While facilites do help, in the end your liveaboard experience is determined by what you’ve done in the excursion.

How to Life the Best Komodo Liveaboard Experience in Komodo

Things To Do for Best Komodo Liveaboard Experience

Wake Up Early!

Morning in Komodo National Park is awesome, even when you just watch it from the boat. From the vast darkness, the sun slowly rise and reveal mountainous silhouette, before everything gets completely washed by the golden light. It feels wonderful to bask in the tranquil, quiet morning before the world get busy. In a land as wonderful as Komodo, it’s such a waste of time to get up late and missing out a lot of time!

Don’t Bring Too Much Luggage

Even though you are booking mid to high level liveaboard Komodo, don’t think that your cabin will be the size of resort’s Master bedroom. The cabins, while it might charmingly decorated with coordinated theme, is really just a room to sleep and storing our personal stuff. So keep your luggage small, simple, and don’t clutter—especially when you are paired up with a cabin mate.

Make Friends

Unless you are booking the boat for yourself, you are destined to spend the whole Komodo excursion with other adventure seekers in the boat. So prepare some conversation starters and make friends on board. A happy and successful bond on the boat will make a best Komodo liveaboard experience that you won’t forget!

Replace Gadgets with Books

It’s time to unwind. So leave your gadgets and dwell in a good book for a quality me-time in the liveaboard. Beside, you won’t get much signals there on the open sea anyway!

Bring on Seasickness Medicine

Seasickness is a serious party pooper. You don’t know when it will attack, you don’t even think you’ll get seasick but it comes anyway. And once you feel the familiar nausea, nothing on board feel fun anymore. All you can think is your squishy bed at home, ruling up with blanket and sleep the seasickness.

That’s why it’s really important to bring seasickness medicine—especially the one that you know will work. You might not return to Labuan Bajo in a short time, so ward off the seasickness and soak up in the gorgeous landscape while you can.

Bring the Best Camera You Can Have

Drone and underwater camera will do a good job in Komodo. The national park is blessed with extraordinary terrestrial beauty that will look spectacular in drone as well as astonishing marine life that’s so rich in diversity and looks like a wonderland altogether. Some travellers even travels to Komodo for the sake of the surreal landscape, so if it’s a deal breaker to you, make sure you bring your best camera along. Leaving with great stock of awe-inspiring photos in your storage surely will make a best Komodo liveaboard experience, after all!