Liveaboard Indonesia, Exploring Bandas Island

With Liveaboard Indonesia, you can dive in Indonesia in a whole different way. Indonesia is likely one of the world’s most visited countries. Ancient temples, active volcanoes, distant communities to discover, magnificent beaches to surf, and, of course, diving in Indonesia is a big draw. 

One of the most rewarding experiences might be a diving excursion in Indonesia. With over 4,000 different invertebrate and fish species, as well as 15% of the world’s coral reefs, it’s no surprise that Indonesia is on every scuba diver’s bucket list.

Liveaboard Indonesia, Exploring Bandas Island

Banda Sea Liveaboard Indonesia

Dive liveaboard Indonesia in the Banda Sea offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see untouched waters. The area has some of Indonesia’s most stunning scuba diving, making it ideal for liveaboard diving trips. Scuba divers will love the Banda Sea’s underwater playground. Because of the plankton blooms, the reefs and seamounts are teeming with marine life. The Banda Sea is located in Indonesia’s heartland, between two other popular diving destinations, Papua and Java. The Banda Sea, which borders the Timor Sea to the south, is home to a number of Moluccas islands.

Outside of the main island of Banda Naria and Ambon in the Maluku Islands, the Banda Islands are still relatively sparsely populated, despite the abundant supply of spices and wood. This is good news for scuba divers and snorkelers since it signifies that limited fishing pressure has kept fish populations high. One of the most popular tourist activities on the islands is diving and snorkeling.

Dive Cruise Bandas Island

Dive Cruise Bandas Island

A dive cruise Indonesia on the Banda Sea will take you to pristine reefs and hopefully encounters with a variety of pelagic species as well as superb diving conditions. The diversity of marine life, on the other hand, is what really sets this location apart for divers. Whatever your diving interests are, there will be something for you on these dive tours. Soft and hard corals cover the reefs, which are home to a rainbow of reef fish ranging from wrasse to young emperor angelfish. Mandarinfish and the unusual-looking Ambon scorpionfish, which are native to these islands, will excite macro photographers.

There is plenty of pelagic fish on the larger end of the scale to keep big fish fans satisfied as well. Huge shoals of Mobula rays gliding over the reefs are one of the most spectacular sights to behold in the Banda Sea. They aren’t the only rays and sharks in the vicinity; eagle rays and white-tipped reef sharks prowl the reefs. If you’re lucky enough, diving with schooling hammerhead sharks is arguably the most magnificent experience in the Banda Sea. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these colossal beasts in large numbers and with often 30 meters of visibility.

Gunung Api is a fascinating and unusual dive site that anyone diving in the Banda Sea should see. The 1980s eruption and lava flow destroyed a big portion of the reef, but the recovery is what is most remarkable. Scientists have been startled by the velocity at which the reef is reverting to its pre-disaster state. Pelagics such as shoals of Mobula rays may also be attracted to the island by stronger currents.

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