Most Recommended Travel Destinations in South Korea for Winter

South Korea is one of the most visited travel destinations in Asia. The popularity of K-pop has attracted tourists from all over the world. Most of them are curious to know more about the culture. South Korea is kind of intriguing to say the least. The mix of natural beauty and modern vibe blends together creating interesting appeal. When you look at the main town such as Seoul, you will see high buildings towering most of the view. However, there are also parts in the country which remains to its original culture. In more rural areas, you will find more preserved and prominent cultures. Amongst all season, winter is one of the most desired times to visit by most travelers.

Best places to go in South Korea during winter

Travelling during winter might not be the most ideal time. However, travelling to Korea in winter is more exciting because there are many beautiful spots that will look even more beautiful. Dramatic effects of winter make these places are more intriguing and make visitor more eager to enjoy. Here are best places to visit during winter in South Korea:

  • Nami Island is a great place for winter getaway with your lovers or friends. It has reputation for being one of the most romantic places in South Korea especially during winter. This place reaches its beauty during winter so people are more interesting to visit. The island is filled with ancient redwood trees creating pretty ice cones. Near the island, you can take shuttle bus to visit a French cultural village called La Petite France. The island is open from 7.30 am to 9.40 pm.
  • Bukhansan National Park is mostly visited during winter. This can be a great destination since you can do some physical activities to stay warm during winter. You can hike to one of the three peaks in this national park. It usually takes 7-8 hours to reach the peak. It may sound exhausting but it is worth it one you see the stunning views. You will see a landscape of the city as well as the blood red forest. They are blanketed by the snow which makes the view even more dramatically beautiful.
  • Taebaek is another place to go during your visit to South Korea especially in winter. Practically, it is Taebaeksan Snow Festival you are going to visit. There are many things to enjoy during festival such as snow sculpture exhibitions, dog sleds, snow rafting, as well as visiting igloo cafe where you can enjoy warm beverages. This festival is lovely that you shouldn’t miss.
  • Camellia Hill offers another breathtaking beauty of South Korea. You may have intrigued by blooming cherry trees in Japan. Well, there is also one in South Korea. However, it is more special since it happens during winter when the temperature is harsh. Camellia hill stand on the 20 hectare ground host to 6000 Camellia trees along with wildflowers. While exploring the flower garden, you will find fond lily pond and flowery walkway.