Planning A Trip To Indonesia? Use These Helpful Tips To Navigate Your Trip

Planning A Trip To Indonesia? Use These Helpful Tips To Navigate Your Trip

Indonesia is one of the largest countries not only in Asia but also in the world. With that being said, Indonesia has many travel destinations you can put in your bucket list. After the global pandemic is fully contained. You may revisit your bucket list and see that you can actually make your own adventure especially to gorgeous place like Indonesia. Just like any other country, you need to make a plan to fully enjoy your trip to Indonesia. And here are some useful tips to help you navigate your trip smoothly in Indonesia:

Determine your destination

As mentioned earlier that Indonesia is a very large country hence with so many travel destinations to choose from. Indonesia is extremely famous for Bali as its major travel destination but there are more places to explore to satisfy your adventurous soul. Also, it is highly recommended to make a trip during dry season and avoid rainy seasons which usually falls from October to May, especially if you plan for outdoor activities. 

Plan your budget

Indonesia is budget friendly for most travelers around the world. However, you still have to plan your budget especially if you choose popular destination like Bali or Lombok. As for other destinations such as in Sumatra, you highly likely get far more bang for your buck. Your budget will have to include accommodation, transport, and foods. As for money, there are ATMs almost everywhere so you can withdraw cash anytime you need. Some chains and shops are also available for payments with cards. 

Learn more about visa rules

Indonesia has pretty complicated visa rules for those who are unfamiliar with it. To make sure that you are following the visa requirements, make sure to read and and understand the essential information prior your trip. 

Know what to pack

For the essentials you need to pack in your luggage, it is just like any other destination. You don’t really need to pack special items unless you are planning on visiting sacred places such as temples, mosques, etc. If so, you need to pack modest clothing such as long skirt, pants, cardigan, and scarf. It is a must to respect the local culture and tradition including wearing modes clothing to visit sacred sites. Aside from that, you can actually wear anything you feel comfortable the most such as t-shirt, jeans, short pants, etc. 

What about food safety?

In Indonesia, it is not recommended to drink tap water because it may contains microorganism or germs that may infect you, causing any health problem such as upset stomach, diarrhea, or more severe diseases. Hence, always carrying your own bottled water is more recommended. As for foods, practice good food safety just like you do when visiting any other countries. In Indonesia, it is relatively safe to eat even street foods because they are often cooked to order in front of you. If you are unsure, just go for food stalls with a long waiting. It usually indicates the foods are delicious, safe, and affordable.