Thermal Wear for Traveling in Colder Months: UNIQLO Heat-Tech

Thermal wears are the innermost layer designed to retain body heat better compared to regular clothing. These thermal wears are going to be extremely useful for those of you who are going to travel to a winter destination. If you’re window-shopping for your upcoming winter wardrobes for your travel, then you may find this piece useful for a reference.

There are a number of brands out there known to produce effective thermal wears. One of them is the famous Heattech by Uniqlo. The Japanese brand UNIQLO is known for its high quality items and their affordable price tag. What are some of the things that get travelers to be attracted in heattech enough to dub them as “travel gear”?

Thermal Wear for Traveling in Colder Months: UNIQLO Heat-Tech

Highly affordable

Brands that engineer their clothes to be super lightweight, but able to retain warmth better at the same time, often costs a fortune. Some of these brands known to produce thermal wears as well are The North Face, smartwool, Columbia and many others. A thermal top can easily cost you $100something, while the Uniqlo heattech is merely a fraction of that price. This is what makes Uniqlo a very popular brand.

Heattech, heattech Extra Warm, heattech Ultra Warm

Uniqlo used to only have one type of heattech. As popularity grows from both domestics and international purchases, the company has expanded the heattech franchise. Right now, you can find the UNIQLO heattech coming in three options.

The Lightest – Heattech Regular

The regular heattech from Uniqlo is the most lightweight of all three options. The heattech regular is highly versatile and is meant to be worn with more layers for insulation. Uniqlo also marketed their heattech franchise to keep you cool during the warmer months as well. Of course, not wearing it under a blazing sun would be the wise move. All in all, uniqlo heattech regular is a good option for everyday wear  during your winter journey.

Wearing the Extra Warm

You won’t need the extra warm heattech if you’re going to wear at least 3 layers including your outermost clothing piece as you’ve already got enough insulation. If you’re coming from the tropical country, you also have the option of wearing the Extra Warm or doubling the regular heattech.

What about the Ultra Warm?

When you’re going to go somewhere below 0 degree, you may consider wearing the Ultra Warm from UNIQLO. Supported with a solid insulation, the ultra warm option from heattech would make your travel pain-free from the biting cold. Make sure to bring extra heattech for a change. You can also double your heattech for extra warmth when you’re going to sleep as the texture and the lightness of the materials are great for a makeshift pajamas. This trick is particularly useful for those who like to pack light.

Remember that you’re going to shed your layers indoors

Before doubling or even tripling your heattech because you can’t stand the cold, remember that you’re not just going to spend the whole time outside! There are times that you’re going to come indoor, and having three thermal undergarments is going to be so much more difficult to remove compared to removing outer layers like vests and coats.