Things To Disrupt Your Sleep While Travelling

There are many benefits of travelling as we all may have known. It brings joy, healing factors to your mental, and overall fun to do. However, there are also the downsides of travelling especially when it is abroad. Ont of the downside is disrupted sleep. It is easy to suffer from insomnia and other sleep struggles during travel because of time zone, over-excitement, unfamiliar noises, bad hotel beds, and many more. 

Things that disrupt your sleep during travel

Even with so many potential of your sleep to be disrupted during travel, you can find many ways to overcome it. Some tricks may be helpful to keep you well-rested and in a good mood. And here are things that can actually disrupt your sleep patterns while travelling and how to overcome them:

Drinking alcohol or eating before bedtime

Lots of people say that we should not sleep with an empty stomach. However, sleeping with full stomach is not good either especially when you eat heavy meals or drink alcoholic beverage too close before bedtime. It will disrupt your sleep because your body is forced to process the foods and drinks. Even if you fall asleep, you may get interrupted in some of your sleep stages. Instead of eating heavy meals and drinking alcohol, you can have some light snacks and non-alcoholic beverage before bedtime. In addition, Goji berries and decaffeinated tea are recommended to help you get a good night’s sleep. 

Forgetting to bring your sleep necessities

One of the causes of sleep difficulties during travel is unfamiliar noises. It is common to hear unfamiliar during the flight or during your stay in a hotel. Those noises are nothing you used to hear at home before going to bed. Hence, those keep you awake. Hence, do not forget to pack your sleep necessities for travel such as headphone or noise-canceling earphone. Those can be your life save during travel because they can eliminate or reduce the noise and its effect on you. If you think travel lamp, aromatherapy oil, or eye mask will help you sleep better then pack them too.

Skipping your workout

It is easy to fall behind your workout routine during travel because there are so many things you want to explore. You think you don’t have enough time to workout. However, by sticking to your workout routine even during travel, it will help a lot in keeping your sleep pattern in check. Your exercise can improve your sleep quality while travelling to significantly different time zone. Hence, spare time for outdoor workout even for fifteen to thirty minutes in the morning before you explore the world. It can help a lot in regulating your circadian rhythm.

It is also recommended that you do some research before booking a hotel room. Read some reviews from previous guests to see if they have bad or good experience during their stay. If the hotel room has thin walls, noisy roads, or terrible noises then you might want to find another one.