Travel Destinations with the World’s Best Sunrise

Watching sunrise is one of the must-activities most travelers do while traveling. It is a relaxing activity when you can watch the beautiful view and be the first one to witness the scenic horizon. There are popular landmarks around the world where sunrise can be found in the most beautiful view. It is true that most travelers like sunset more than sunrise. However, sunrise is not less mesmerizing. It has its own charms. The change of the colors from dark to light gradually just is just enough to make your heart clenches. There is melancholia when you watch sunrise. It often gives you a feeling of gratefulness and content. Besides, watching sunrise will help you avoid overcrowd unlike watching sunset when you are always get in the crowd of tourists.

Travel Destinations with the World’s Best Sunrise

Best landmarks to watch the sunrise in the world

Some people may find it nothing special about sunrise, just a sign of the beginning of the day. However, watching sunrise has healing factor. It gives you more energy to start your day with more positivity. It is also a serene moment when you can enjoy the silence with serene. If you are sunrise lover, you might as well consider these travel destinations offering the best sunrise for your next travel plan.

–        Turkish Cappadocia Mountains offer the most breathtaking view of sunrise. It is even better when you can watch the sunrise while riding on a hot balloon. You will feel like floating and becomes one with the nature. Aside from watching the sun rising, you can also watch the overall view in 360 degree.

–        Africa, specifically Kenya is one of the best places to watch the sunrise. There won’t be any boring moment watching sunrise in Kenya since you can also enjoy the wildlife. The golden hour just serves you the best time to see how the world awake from its slumber. The most recommended places in Kenya to watch sunrise is at the Amboseli National Park.

–        There is dramatic sunrise you can watch located in Moroccon village in Berber. It is just like a picture you see from the photograph in the magazine. It looks unreal since the sun glowing and lighting up the tiny village in such a beautiful way. It is like spotlights highlighting every best part of the beautiful village.

–        You can also watch unique sunrise in Antarctica. It is called unique because from September until April, the sun rises early over the icebergs. It doesn’t slip away until midnight, and in fact, it never truly sets. Watching sunrise in chillier atmosphere might give you more memorable experience.

–        Patagonia is also home to one of the best sunrises in the world. It is located at the base of South America. You can be the witness of breathtaking sunrise over the landscape of Andes. Aside from the sunrise, you will also watch charming rainbow in early morning. It is such a complete package you can enjoy while travelling. This is how you recharge your energy before continuing your exploration of your travel plan.