Travelling Around The World More Consciously, Respectfully, And Sustainably

The global pandemic has made a huge impact to how we live today. Even though it is not the only cause, it plays huge role in waking up us all about how to live a better life. One of the very crucial points is related to travel industry and how our habits should be reshaped as travelers. There are positive and negative impacts to our planet caused by the pandemic and the sudden stop of travelling around the world. The world is different now and it is impossible to have the life exactly the same as before the pandemic. 

Incorporate positive changes to your travel habits for more sustainable future

It is the right time for us to realize how impactful what we do to the environment. Having meaningful experiences from a trip doesn’t have to mean causing any more damage to the ecosystem or local communities. There are better ways we can travel more consciously, respectfully, and sustainably, such as:

Take action in reducing overtourism

People will always get attracted to popular destinations because there is some hypes behind that make them more excited to pay a visit. However, we already know how damaging and harmful it is not only to the environment but also to the lives of the local communities. Hence, take action to minimize overtourism by travelling to places where you are welcome or where you are needed. If you have certain popular place you want to visit badly, consider doing it during off-season. 

Support slow travel movement

Instead of rushing to checking all the list of attractions off, it is more meaningful to embrace slow travel. It opens more opportunity for you to fully enjoy the trip while learning something new. It is also a way for you to get inspired because you fully pay attention to your surroundings, allowing you to think and see different perspectives. Slow travel also contribute in reducing your travel footprint. 

Spend your travel dollars more consciously and wisely

How much you spend with your travel expenses might not make any significant dent to your savings. However, it is probably a lot for other people especially during this pandemic where economic stability is hard to maintain. You may consider staying at a family-run guest house or eco stay. Spend your money on locally owned-businesses be it restaurants, guest houses, shops, etc. This will make huge differences for the local’s economy growth, especially in places where they rely a lot on their tourism. 

Embrace new normal and become a conscious traveler

It’s impossible for things to go back to how it was before pandemic so it’s best to accept the reality of new normal concept. No matter where you go, always follow the protocols to keep yourself and other people safe. Also, it will be so much impactful to the planet if you become an environment-conscious traveler. Do whatever you can to contribute in protecting our planet even it they are small things such as using reusable water bottle, wearing washable masks, etc.