What to expect when travelling to capital cities

As centre for business and government area in a country, capital city occupies many important roles and functions. Capital city is the place where most of country’s leaders live in and it tends to be a very political spot. Furthermore, it also provides lots of job opportunities that so many people come to capital cities to work.

Not only important for the economic sector, capital city is as well considerable to explore. There are plenty of popular capital cities you can list as your next travel destination. Take a look at these informations to get ready for your trip.

Easy access

When hearing the word ‘travel’ you must be thinking about going from one to another place. Travelling is, indeed, going into new places, and therefore accessibility is one of the most important thing to consider when choosing the destination.

Now, you can plan your trip to Paris not only for its iconic Eiffel Tower, but also because of its best public transportation. In Paris, you can take either metro, RER trains, trams or buses to get around the city. For passengers’ convenience, all of public transportations in Luxembourg will not even charge any fare in 2020.

Even if you are not planning to visit a capital city, you will most likely still go there for a transit because of the airports that often located in or near the capital city. 


Since most of capital cities in the world offer good opportunities for living and great travel deals to get, many people with diverse background come and assimilate. In most cases, you will not feel the authenticity of one country anymore. For example, you are visiting Berlin, but you do not feel as if you are visiting Germany. The fact is, following the industrialisation era, capital cities in Europe have become the attractions for migrants from neighbouring and overseas countries.

Today, you can walk in the street in Berlin and see so many restaurants from all over the world serving Chinese, American, Indian, Japanese, Italian, or Spanish dishes.

Crime rate

The living condition in big cities, especially in the capital ones, is complex. The more people come to capital city, the more dangerous it becomes. Everyone can be good as well as bad to you.

Street crimes such as scams, pickpockets and drug dealings are just a few things you want to avoid while travelling.

However, do not worry too much, just do some researches before deciding your travel destination. As capital cities and famous tourist destinations, Bern, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vienna and Copenhagen, are instead on the list of safest cities in the world.