What You Need To Prepare Before Travelling To Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the most beautiful places in the world due to its natural and historic wonders. However, travelling to Saudi Arabia was pretty challenging for those who didn’t know their culture and policy because it’s different from when you traveled to other destinations. It was almost impossible for practical travel back then. 

travelling saudi arabia

Things to know about Saudi Arabia before visiting

Today, the drive to tourism in Saudi Arabia gets higher since it has much-relaxed laws and more welcoming-vibe. The kingdom is very welcoming to visitors today. But still, there are policies and rules you need to follow to pay a visit to this special place. Here are important things you need to know before travelling to Saudi Arabia for a vacation:

The size and geography 

Saudi Arabia is a vast land that a lot hotter and drier than Texas. The lands takes up the majority of the entire Saudi Arabian Peninsula. Expect desert to be in your surroundings since the country is home to the largest sand desert in the world called The Rub Al Khali. The prevalent climate in Saudi Arabia is desert climate. There’s occasional torrential rainfall which happens in late winter or early spring.

Visa application

Visa application to visit Saudi Arabia is considered easy and simple. Citizens of 49 countries around the world are eligible for visa application. You can simply go to the Visit Saudi Visa page and complete your application and pay $150 per person. You will receive your visa under one hour.it’s a multiple entry visa which can last a full year from the date of your travel. Hence, the expensive price does make sense. 

Plan to get around

It’s highly recommended to plan where you are going and what activities you want to do in advance. It’s strongly advise to avoid taking any long road trips considering the size of the country and its natural climate. If you still want to do it, make sure that you hire a local guide or tour company to keep you safe. 

Learn more about local sensitivities

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country so they have their own rules and beliefs which affect the way they live. There might be cultural sensitivities so make sure to respect them. Women are no longer obligated to wear abaya-along traditional black robe- but you still have to cover up to get around the country. Both men and women must wear clothes that cover shoulders and go below the knee. Avoid swearing, making offensive hand gesture, etc. 

Travel during Ramadan

Ramadan is considered the Holy month for Muslim. If you happen to travel to Saudi Arabia during this month, where Muslims are fasting from sunrise to sunset for a full month, you might be surprised of unusual situation. You won’t see people eating or drinking during the day. Make sure to stay respectful to what they are doing. You can enjoy the peaceful month with the locals by joining the iftar, it’s when they break their fast when the sun sets.